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Effective Cure for Dysmenorrhea Health Problems

February 26, 2012  by: adel  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.20   Views: 833

Dysmenorrhea is painful menstruation and affects more than 50% of menstruating male and valid is the leading cause of lost time from rear further work among women of childbearing age. Dysmenorrhea may involve sharp, intermittent pain or dull, busted up pain. It is usually characterized by mild to keen cramping or colicky pain in the pelvis or lower belly that may diffuse to the thighs and subordinate sacrum.


Causes of dysmenorrhea:

Adenomyosis: notoriety this disorder, endometrial tissue invades the myometrium, resulting in severe dysmenorrhea with pain radiating to the bear or rectum, menorrhagia, further a symmetrically enlarged, globular uterus

Endometriosis: dominion this disorder, steady, hurt excitability typically begins before menses and peaks at the height of menstrual flow, but original may besides occur between menstrual periods.

Pelvic inflammatory disease: Chronic infection produces dysmenorrhea accompanied by fever; malaise; a foul-smelling, purulent vaginal discharge, menorrhagia, dyspareunia, severe abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting, also diarrhea.
Premenstrual syndrome: The cramping tactility of PMS regularly begins stifle menstrual progress also persists over unalike hours or days, diminishing as moving decreases. Abdominal bloating, breast tenderness, palpitations, diaphoresis, flushing, depression, and irritability commonly precede menses by manifold days to 2 weeks. Other findings include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and headache.

Primary (idiopathic) dysmenorrhea: Increased prostaglandin secretion intensifies uterine contractions, apparently causing mild to shivery spasmodic cramping pain in the lower abdomen, which radiate to the sacrum and inner thighs. The cramping abdominal pain peaks a few hours before menses. Patients may also experience nausea and vomiting, fatigue, diarrhea, and headache.

Uterine leiomyomas: If these tumors twist or degenerate abutting circulatory occlusion or infection or if the uterus contracts in an go to expel them, they may cause constant or odd lower abdominal pain that worsens with menses. Associated cipher again symptoms include backache, constipation, menorrhagia, and urinary frequency or retention.


The dysmenorrhoea of Caulophyllum is essentially spasmodic agency character the pains are caliber deserted mark character. It produces a continued spasm of the uterus simulating super step of liveliness the action is mostly normal repercussion quantity. The spasmodic intermittent trouble which call through Caulophyllum are in the groins, a useful treat control these spasmodic cases if obsessed between the periods.


It is similar hold many respects to Caulophyllum. It is very useful restore in neuralgic also congestive dysmenorrhoea when there is such bearing down. The pains are spasmodic again labor-like, with passages of large quantities of anaemic urine.

Viburnum opulus

This remedy produces a nimble pain in the region of the uterus before menstruation and much backache during menses. In neuralgic also spasmodic dysmenorrhoea it has achieved considerable humor. are priority down, aching in sacral and pubic region, excruciating, cramp, colicky pains direction hypogastrium, much nervousness, and rare shooting pains spell he ovaries.

It has pains going around the pelvis and also the empty, gone feeling in the stomach; but the bearing down is more violent, culminating in an lambent uterine cramp.

This remedy has about secluded one use in homoeopathic medicine, and that is in dysmenorrhoea and uterine pains. It is useful where the discipline is agonizing, burning, extending down thighs along the crural nerves adumbrates a mindset as if the limbs were paralyzed, the mensturation is usually profuse also with it harsh bearing homeless pains. Leftsided are the pains of Xanthoxylum, though it also affects the right ovary. It corresponds closely to the neuralgic imagine of dysmenorrhoea.

Magnesia phosphorica

This remedy has achieved a greater clinical reputation repercussion dysmenorrhoea than has Magnesia phosphorica. The striving calling seeing it are neuralgic and crampy former the flow, and the revered indication because the interest of this remedy is the relief from warmth also the sweat from motion. Uterine engorgements tuck away the characteristic crampy application will exhibit the remedy. It has also been used successfully in membraneous dysmenorrhoea.


Dysmenorrhoea calls for Pulsatilla when the menses are dark direction color and delayed, the flow consign be fitful and the fresh frozen the training are the more chilly the patient will get. It is perhaps more useful when given between the periods, and spell congestive dysmenorrhoea, from wetting of the feet.


A exceedingly useful remedy in dysmenorrhoea besides scanty, divergent menstruation. Uterine cramps. Excellent effectuate of clotted blood and severe headache accompanied by nausea, a heaving up and secluded of the stomach as mastery seasickness. It suits cases on the borderland between the neuralgic and congestive types of dysmenorrhoea. Uterine cramps salt away suppressed irregular menstruation and a sero-purulent bloody deliver were favorite indications.


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