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Tips on how to extend the life span of cell phone battery?

February 27, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Gadgets  Earning $0.75   Views: 1391

In this article, I have given tips on how to extend the life span of cell phone battery. I have also explained about the types of cell phone battery, when to recharge the battery, how to store the battery, why to customize cell phone to save battery etc. Moreover, I have also mentioned about why to avoid extreme temperatures, why not to use blue-tooth and infrared connections and why to cover your cell phone etc.



Cell phones have become a part of your life today. It would be correct to point out the fact that you cannot even imagine a day without your cell phone with you. Rightly so, through cell phone you remain in contact with those ones who are not close to you. You also enjoy all the other interesting functions like sms, mms, gprs, games etc. But sometimes, things become difficult for you when your cell phone runs out of charge. Conditions become even worse when your cell phone batteries die out only after using it for a year or so. Here, I am going to emphasize on the fact that you can increase the overall life span of your cell phone battery by just knowing how to do so.

Types of cell phone battery

But before I proceed and explain you how to increase the life span of your cell phone battery, I would like to brief you about the different types of cell phone batteries. Cell phone batteries could be categorized as Nickel Cadmium (Nicd), Nickel Metal Hydride (NiHM) and Lithium Ion (LiLon). These batteries supply adequate power to cell phones to perform different functions properly.

Tips to increase the life span of cell phone battery

Now, its time to discuss how to increase the life span of your cell phone battery through simple and effective ways. If these tips are followed properly by you in your day to day life then it would go a long way in maximizing the life span of your cell phone battery. I would also recommend you to go through the notes or documents that came along with your new cell phone together with these tips. Every new phone now-a-days comes with a brief guide about the do-s and do not-s about cell phones.

Charge the battery of your cell phone

When you buy a new cell phone, you need to take the precaution to give it a proper recharge before doing anything or using your new mobile. You need to recharge it around 12 to 16 hours. But, in some cases, after recharging for sometime the cell phone displays a full recharge. If such a situation arises turn off your mobile and remove the battery. After reinserting the battery start it once again. You will find that it is recharging once again. This first extended recharge will make your cell phone battery to perform better in the future.

Charge every alternative day

To start with you do not need to recharge your cell phone everyday. The best time to recharge your cell phone battery is when it shows low charge. According to cell phone experts the best possible time to recharge a cell phone is every alternate day. Later, as your battery gets older with the passage of time you can recharge it everyday for better performance and to prolong the life span of the battery.

Do not hesitate to switch off your cell phone for sometime

Let every other electronic device you cell phone too needs some rest before it finally gives you better and improved performance. You may switch off your cell phone in the night for some hours. If you do not want to switch it off for long hours make sure to switch it off for a few minutes. It will help your cell phone to re-groove and perform better when you turn it on the next time. Moreover, some of the applications in your cell phone continues to run and drain the battery even if you do not use them. Hence, when you switch it off and restart it will stop those applications from running and thus saves the battery power from drainage.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Extreme temperatures as very hot or cold temperature will affect the life span of your cell phone battery very badly. Therefore, it is also mentioned in the cell phone manual to keep your mobile at best idle normal temperature. Keeping your cell phone in a very cold temperature, like that, in a room with an air-conditioner in full swing for a long time will affect the battery. Similarly, if you keep your cell phone in very hot temperatures like that of the dash board of your car it will also affect the battery. Moreover, keep your cell phone away from exposing it to direct sunlight.

Store the battery safely

If you are not going to use your cell phone for a fortnight or a month then take the effort to remove the battery safely and keep it in a cool, dry and clean place. You also need to make sure that you do not keep it in a place, which expose it to direct metal contact.

Customizing your cell phone saves battery

If you customize your cell phone properly then it will save the battery. You can customize your cell phone the way you like. Customization is required so that the battery of your cell phone consumes less charge while it is running. Some of the best ways to minimize battery usages are removing keypad tones, reducing volumes, using silent modes, reducing screen brightness, not using screen savers etc.

Avoid blue-tooth and infrared usage

Blue-tooth and infrared connections consumes a lot of your cell phone battery. It is also not as fast as compared to USB connection. Hence, if you want to connect your cell phone to computer make sure to rely on USB cable connection. Now-a-days, USB data cables are available very cheaply and you can use it very easily. This is a good way to prevent your battery from getting discharged very easily.

Do not over recharge your cell phone battery

Charging your cell phone is good but do not over recharge it. Do not leave your cell phone plugged in to the ac adapter for a long time. Make sure to disconnect your cell phone from charging as soon as it gets charged.

Cover your cell phone

Use a cell phone cover to cover your cell phone when you are not using it. It can save the screen of your cell phone from any accidental scratch. It also prevents the accumulation of unnecessary dust particles on the surface of your cell phone. It also protects it from the direct rays of the sunlight.


Your cell phone is very important to you as it does so many things easier for you. It is your necessity, your entertainment, your passion and of course your dearest gazette. Proper functioning of your cell phone depends on a good battery. You need to take care of it so that it serves you for a long time. If you follow some simple ways you can preserve it for a long time. Hence, take the initiative from today onwards to do things that could enhance the life-span of your cell phone. By doing so you could be the proud and happy owner of a cell phone which serves you for a long time.

Author: rekhas        
Posted Date: 02/29/2012    Points:4    

Very well explained and thanks for taking time to share your informative ideas! Also, for the smart phones like iPhone etc., we get free apps on the iTunes store. These include battery power boosters and other apps that help to increase the battery life of the phone. For those who play games on their phones, such tips that you mentioned in the article, will be very helpful. We can increase battery life by using the keypad lock when phone is not in use or reducing brightness, using power saving options and so forth.
Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 03/03/2012    Points:1    

Thank you rs1982 G for appreciating my effort. I also welcome some of the excellent tips which you mentioned from your side on your post.

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In this article, I have given tips on how to extend the life span of cell phone battery. I have also explained about the types of cell phone battery, when to recharge the battery, how to store the battery, why to customize cell phone to save battery etc. Moreover, I have also mentioned about why to avoid extreme temperatures, why not to use blue-tooth and infrared connections and why to cover your cell phone etc.

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