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Best Tips for Tackling your Job Interview

February 29, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.70   Views: 820

Do you think it would be easy to have an email conversation instead of facing the real HR interview panel? Worry not; here is some help and guidance. We will discuss here about tips for interview preparation.


Do you work up a sweat when you think of a job interview? Do you wish that companies hired by simply looking at a resume? Do you think it would be easy to have an email conversation instead of facing the real HR interview panel? Worry not; here is some help and guidance. We will discuss here about tips for interview preparation.

Updating Resume after Long Gap

Sometimes, we take a break from work. It could be due to illness, marriage, pregnancy, personal problems and other issues. During this time, you should try to update your resume if you intend to go back to work. In addition, if you took time to improve your skills, mastered new skills or completed any new course, you should mention them in your resume. It will make a positive impression on the hiring manager. They will realize that you do not remain idle but make good use of your spare time.

Specific Details in Resume and Job Interview

We do write a lot in our resume. The key is to remember and be specific about your achievements and skills. The hiring manager will surely discuss about your qualifications and skills. Be prepared to speak about how you mastered the skills, how you used them and give proper examples. Tell them about various incidents at previous work place, where your skills helped in a successful performance. Keep it brief but interesting.

Job Interview and Your Resume

The interviewer will keep a copy of your resume while talking to you. Hence, you should know your resume well too. Do not simply make a job resume and submit it for the interview. Read it carefully and know what is in your resume. You should be able to remember what is in the resume and talk about it.

Hence, take your resume, read it thoroughly. Look at each of your qualifications and jobs. Make a note of what you recollect about your achievements, problems and challenges. Think about why you worked in the earlier firm and why you left it.

It is important to list out your favorite aspects in your job and challenges. Recollect how you faced challenges, multi-tasked for a project or handled tough team members or strict bosses. You should be able to portray yourself as a good team player as well as someone who can work without constant supervision. Always give examples while discussing these topics in your job interview.

Be Alert during Your Job Interview

Many people tend to feel nervous and fidget before the interviewer. Remember that the interviewer is a normal person like you and is doing his or her job. They will not eat you up! Some interviewers come across as friendly and interactive while others seem serious and non-entertaining. In either case, you should not lose your cool.

Remain calm and composed. Lean forward and sit with your hands on the table. Loosely clasp your palms while talking. Avoid sweating, biting your nails or making noises with your foot or tapping a pen. All these habits are signs of nervous behavior. Moreover, they display you are immature and weak. Be calm and listen to what the interviewer says. You can ask them to repeat a question if you are not clear.

Do not argue in Job Interviews

Do not fight or argue. It is a job interview and not a debate. The interviewer is testing your knowledge and patience. They want to see how you react to stress and pressure. Even if you disagree with what the interviewer says during the interview, there is a good way of tackling it. Simply say, I understand your point and would like to add. In this way, you will not be arguing but will also be able to put forth your ideas in a gentle manner.

Always remember to read about the company before you go for its interview. Read about their motto, mission and organization details. You can also do some research about their organization structure, employee relations and products. Thus, these simple tips will help you breeze through your job interview without difficulty. Read some good books about dealing with job interviews, frequently asked interview questions and answers to prepare well for your interview and get your job.

Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 03/01/2012    Points:1    

very nice information given here. keep up the good work dear.
Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 03/03/2012    Points:4    

These are definitely good tips shared here by the author for tackling job interviews. I liked the last two points very much which brief us to be alert during the interview and most importantly not to argue with the interviewers. Often candidates forget these two basic things and quite often end up loosing an opportunity to get hired. I think it is a must read article for all those who are going to attend interview in the future or planning to search for a job. Thanks for sharing these vital information with us with your wonderful style of writing.

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