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A brief analysis on type 2 diabetes

March 02, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.70   Views: 665

In this article, I have explained about the type 2 diabetes. I have given a brief analysis of type 2 diabetes, conditions for type 2 diabetes, causes of type 2 diabetes, who gets affected with type 2 diabetes, symptoms of type 2 diabetes, cure for type 2 diabetes, side affects of type 2 diabetes, prevention from type 2 diabetes and things to remember in type 2 diabetes.


Conditions for type 2 diabetes

The leisure time of the present generation is spent in front of the computers. To move up and down of the apartments and offices lifts are used in tandem. Cars and buses are used as a means of conveyance. This modern lifestyle has reduced the overall physical exertion or labor. The physical labor curb is leaning down at such a rapid rate that it is almost touching the zero mark of the graph. Even the food charts are included with junk, oily and fried foods. These peculiar habits are resulting in overweight and unavoidable diseases. You are getting prone to diseases like type 2 diabetes .

Causes of type 2 diabetes

The glucose in our blood is carried to the cells through the presence of insulin within our body. Due to the deposition of excess fats in our body the function of insulin gets affected to a huge extent. As a result, glucose is deposited in the blood rather than the cells of the body. This condition results in getting one affected with diabetes.
Steroids, as medicines, hormonal diseases and genetic causes are good enough reasons for getting you overweight. This overweight factor could result in diabetes very soon.

Who gets affected with type 2 diabetes

Normally, diabetes 2 affects people who are aged. But, now-a-days, due to the rise in the problem of childhood obesity this disease is found among teenagers also. Teens between the ages of 15 to 19 are affected with diabetes.

Symptoms of type 2 diabetes

There are certain symptoms of diabetes 2 which helps in the detection of the disease. These symptoms are as mentioned below.

* Frequent thirst.
* Frequent passage of urine.
* felling or getting tired very easily.
* Infection in the private parts.
* Delay in the healing of wounds.
* Frequent changes in the eye-sight power.
* Pain in the hands and legs.

Cure for type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is such a disease which is curable and controlled. You need to follow and do things which would help in better controlling of the disease. You can control type 2 diabetes in the following ways:

* Controlled diet.
* Regular routine exercise.
* Maintain your weight according to your height. Though this might differs slightly between males and females. For instance, females with a height of around four and half feet tall should have weight around 52 to 55 kg. Similarly, weight of males of the same height should weigh around 62 to 65 kg.
* Eat low calorie diets.
* Prepare oil less food or food with very less oil content.
* Consume less number of sweets.
* While cooking, make sure to add sugar in minimum amount.
* Red meat should be avoided.
* Bariatric surgery is such a surgery which helps in reducing fats of the body. If once your fats get reduced then the overall weight of the body also gets reduced.

Side effects of type 2 diabetes

Like any other diabetic disease, diabetes 2 also affects and causes damage to the heart, kidney, nerve, brain, legs etc.

Prevention from type 2 diabetes

Prevention is the most important thing which you can do to keep diabetes 2 at bay. Check out some of the efficient ways through which you can prevent type 2 diabetes:

* You may eat five times a day but make sure to consume less amount of food at a given time.
* You need to eat fruits like apple without peeling. It will provide your body necessary fiber.
* Regular intake of fiber through fruits etc will save you from frequent hunger. It will also help to maintain your weight, sugar and the level of cholesterol within your body.
* Never allow your body to gain weight and keep a strict check on it.
* You need to take regular medicines even if your weight and diabetes are in control.
* Go for the regular blood sugar check up as per the instruction of your physician.
* Make sure to do an annual check-up of your eyes, kidney and cholesterol.
* Take care of your feet by cleaning it regularly. After washing your feet make sure to rub it dry. Do not allow water to gather around your toes. Use cotton socks and soft soles of shoes so that your feet remain protected from any sort of feet infection and injuries.
If you get a bruise or a cut in any part of your body, take the help of a physician immediately.

Things to remember in type 2 diabetes

* This type of diabetes differs because of heredity.
* Mild diabetes may arise from fattiness but you can control that if only you could keep you weight in check.
* You can control diabetes 2 by by diet or exercise, medicines and insulin. If you control diabetes through diet and exercise then you need to go for a blood test in every two months. If you control diabetes through medicine then you need to go for a blood test once in a month. Finally, if you control your diabetes through insulin then you need to go for a blood test twice or thrice in a week.
* Sometimes, if you take insulin, you gain weight. Therefore, it is advisable for you to do exercise regularly and it will also help to keep your weight in control.
* Sometimes, the level of glucose falls in a diabetic patient. This condition is known as sugar fall or hypoglycemia in medical terms. If this happens the heart beat increases together with sweat and hunger. Even a patient could get unconscious. If the level of sugar falls too much below the normal then a patient could even die.
* In case of sugar fall, patients should be given sugar, sweets or sugar water. If the patient gets unconscious then he/she should be taken to the hospital so that intervention glucose is given to the patient without too much delay to save his/her life.


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