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Overcoming the fear of your first interview

March 03, 2012  by: Subha Mahata  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 556

This is for fresher candidates who hesitate to speak out during an interview.


Dear Fresher,

I have only 10 Key Instructions to boost up your confidence level in an interview.

1. An Interview is different from Oral Examination.
2. The meaning of an interview is to review profiles to reach the point where the expectations of the employer comes at par with the skill sets of a candidate.
3. Never hesitate if you come to know that you have not succeeded to answer a question or two.

No one can be a perfectionist.

While writing an examination where all questions carry equal marks and we can see the following.

7 right answers out of 10 means scoring 70%
6 is 60%
5 is 50%

So, it is quite possible that I don't have to repeat the exam.

Why to get confused with such a simple matrix during an interview?

4. Never hesitate if the first question is unknown because an employment is never based at a unique point else interviews would have been simply series of M. C. Q. (Multiple Choice Questions)

Come out of your hesitation since the coming questions would be from the domain of your interest.

If you come to know that a car has been stolen from the city square, will you hesitate?
No, we never hesitate for exceptions to our possessions.

Same is applicable to your knowledge level, any unknown question is an exception to your possession and hesitating for the same is nothing but a foolish activity which can even stop you from answering the questions to which you are the best.

5. Never think that the person sitting at the chair of an interviewer is your master, employment is all about "Superior Subordinate Relationships" and not "Master Servant Relationships".

6. Before attending an interview explain your self clearly that it is not so that its only your need to get a job but, it is equally important for a company to hire an employee.

Take an interview as a meeting where in you are a person who has reached a customer who have prior interest in buying your skills. Please don't let your nerves to forget this wonderful point when it comes to negotiation.

7. Be sure that you are aware of the companies profile and their unique products or concepts so that your environmental know how is reflected.

8. Never hire a especial vehicle to attend an interview. If you drive your own carry on and if you opt for public conveyance go ahead with the same. This keeps you in your natural mood and out of emergency.

9. Confidently refuse to answer unknown questions and say that " I don't know". Never say "I think it was like this or that" or " I know but, I can't recall"

The first answer proves your honesty and promptness.
The second answer proves that you are trying to underestimate the scrutinizing skills of the interviewer.
The third answer proves that you are as irresponsible as a driver going to a race without enough fuel in the tank of his car.

10. Design your exit from the interview venue as if a meeting has ended.

This sort of words can be useful.

Thanks for your time.
Thanks for giving me an opportunity to get my profile reviewed.
Please don't get deceived by the foolish books and say " Hope we'll meet soon". It sounds like your overconfidence bangs your politeness.


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