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Make money online from your photographs!

March 03, 2012  by: Ankit Neerav  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 1197

Learn about Microstock Photography and create a passive source of income from your photographs by selling them online.



Do you have many photographs clicked by yourself lying in your computer? Maybe you are a professional photographer or photography is your hobby. Whatever be the reason, do you know that you can sell high quality photographs online and earn a decent amount of money? This is what Microstock Photography is all about.

What is Microstock Photography?

There are several companies which have online stock photo directories where you can upload your photographs. Websites such as istockphoto, photolia and dreamstime are quite popular and you can find many such websites where you can sign up for free. There are also some websites which accept Indian members exclusively.

How does it work?

The logic behind this whole business is that there are thousands of designers, journals, magazines, writers, e-book publishers, webmasters and other people who need high quality photographs and are willing to pay for them. So, you sign up at a microstock website as a photographer and upload your photographs. These people can now buy them from the website. You get a commission ranging from 15 to 45% on each photo of yours that is sold through their site. The best part of the whole process is that the same photos can be sold again and again . So you have a constant source of revenue even if you do not upload more photos from time to time.

What to upload?

Now each website has its own terms regarding the quality of photos you can upload. Generally, photos higher than 4 Mega pixel are asked for but you would be better off uploading high quality DSLR photos only. So you need to have a good camera. Some websites also allow scanned images to be uploaded, provided you clicked them. Additionally, photos should not have identifiable buildings, people, logos or brand names. However you can upload photos of people after getting a ''model release'', which is basically a document with the model''s details and signature where he/she allows you the rights to his/her photos.

How to upload?

You will generally be provided a unique interface by each website to upload your photos. Also, while uploading each photo make sure that you tag it with enough keywords which are relevant to the contents of the photo. You can use any keyword tool available online these days. These keywords ensure that your photo turns up in every search that a buyer may do using a tagged keyword. Thus increasing the chances of the photo getting sold. However you should keep in mind that if you add irrelevant keywords to your photos then it may get rejected and your account may get suspended.


Over all, this is a great way to create a passive source of income from your hobby. You may upload your photographs to more than one microstock agency at the same time or you may choose to become an exclusive contributor to one of them. Exclusive contribution generally pays higher commissions per photograph. For some people the first method may work but for some, the second may be better. You need to decide for yourself after some experience. These websites may pay you the money you earn through Paypal or by check or sometimes even by wire transfer, depending on your country of residence. This introduction is sufficient to get you started, you can try uploading your photos today itself.

I would highly recommend that you read this beginner's guide to get a head start in Microstock Photography : http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009BVDCDQ

Author: rekhas        
Posted Date: 03/08/2012    Points:1    

Very nice article! It is interesting to know how simple it is to make money from photographs!
Author: Ankit Neerav        
Posted Date: 03/09/2012    Points:2    

Thanks rs1982. I have also posted 10 great tips to increase you sales. If you are doing this or planning to do it then it will be really useful to you. Its not yet approved but you can find it in the tips section once it is.
Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 03/11/2012    Points:1    

really great Ankit...I ll try to do this ASAP..Thanks a lot to share such a nice articles here
keep up the good work dear
Author: Ankit Neerav        
Posted Date: 03/12/2012    Points:2    

Thanks Mathi, and if you are going to try this then read my article, 10 great tips to increase photo sales, you'll find it in the tips section. It's a must read, will help you a lot. Also feel free to ask me here if you have any doubts or problems.
Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 03/12/2012    Points:3    

yes Ankit.
Sure 10 great tips to increase photo sales,I have read it. really thank you.

I have registered yesterday in microstock. Are you a member in any one of you mentioned here . If yes pl ,did u get any payout or not.

Because of that Im asking , I would like to do it with full dedication .

pl reply
Author: Ankit Neerav        
Posted Date: 03/13/2012    Points:3    

Yes, Mathi, istockphoto is the one website I would highly recommend, if you become an exclusive contributor to them, then it pays more than 5 or 6 such sites combined! They also have good exposure. I am personally convinced that they are legit and they pay. Besides, if you tell me exactly what kind , on what kind and what quality images you are looking to sell, then I can help you better.
Author: Ankit Neerav        
Posted Date: 03/13/2012    Points:3    

I am also going to post reviews here, of the following sites:
And a couple more of them. These reviews should help you have a clear picture of how each site functions and their advantages and advantages. So you can decide which is best for you. I will complete these reviews in about 3-4 weeks.

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