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The Vellore Fort

March 04, 2012  by: Mathi  Points: 12   Category: Inspirational Stories  Earning $0.30   Views: 770

The Vellore Fort is large 16th century fort situated in Vellore city near Chennai.It was build by the Naik governors of the Vijaya nagar empire and was constructed with large granite blocks.


Vellore Fort

The Vellore Fort is large 16th century fort situated in Vellore city near Chennai.It was build by the Naik governors of the Vijaya nagar empire and was constructed with large granite blocks.

Entrance of the Fort

Now see how the forts owner ship passed through many hands.

Nayaks The Bijapur Sultans Marathas Carnaics Nawabs The British Independent India.

There is something very special about the fort.This fort houses a christian church,a Muslim mosque and a Hindu temple which is famous for its magnificent carvings. The Hindu temple is called Jalagandeswarar temple.

Jalagandeswarar temple

The Vellore fort is wonderful example of secularism. The spirit of India is seen here.

The first rebellion against the British rule erupted at this fort in 1806. It was also here that the Vijaya nagar royal family emperor Sri Rangaraya massacred.

A Mutiny is a Revolt or Rebellion.

The Vellore fort was used by the British to station Infantry Military Units of the Madras Regiment.

The British Commander in Chief of the Madras Army gave an order that the soldiers would have to were a new round hat instead of the traditional turbans. In addition they had to removes the Beards , Caste mark and religious symbol and Jewellery.

There were rumors that the hat was made of the hides of cows and Pigs. The Sepoys,were deeply offended both by the order and the rumors.

On July 10, 1806 , before sun rise , Indian sepoys in the fort attacked the europien barracks there and by late morning had killed about 15 offers and 100 English soldiers. Some of the rebelling soldiers made the sons of Tipu sultan lead the campaign.

The Colonel Commanding the Cavalry cantonment in Arcot heard this news and quickly reached the fort with heavy battalions .

The rebelling sepoys were mercilessly killed and by noon the rebellion was put down. This sepoy mutiny was the first rebellion experienced in the fort by the British.

The fort is surrounded by a moat. It helped to defend the fort in times of invasions.

Tipu sultan''s family and the last king of sri lanka sri Vikrama Rajasinha were held as royal prisoners in the fort during British rule.


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