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Tips to quit smoking in a natural way?

March 04, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.10   Views: 1012

In this article, I have given tips to quit smoking in a natural way. To quit smoking you need to chalk out a plan, reward yourself, speak out to your family members. Moreover, it is also mentioned how to spend a healthy life and keep oneself engaged. The various health benefits are also mentioned when you finally quit smoking in this article.



Believe it or not smoking is addictive. According to WHO ( World Health Organization), even those who smokes occasionally have a fair amount of chance to become addictive smokers in the future. The bare fact is that once you get addicted to smoking it is very hard to quit. Besides, harmful substances like tar makes and invasion into your body. Tar consists of nicotine which mixes with the blood of your body when you smoke. The vital organs of the bodies like the lungs and kidney get affected with smoking. Heart diseases, diabetes, hypertension, kidney diseases and diseases of the eyes are very much related with smoking for a long time.

Tips to quit smoking

Here, I am going to mention some tips which would be very useful for you to quit smoking. Take your time and go through some of the tips and follow them properly. Remember, that since you decided to quit smoking you are fifty percent ahead in your task of quitting and the remaining fifty percent you have to achieve practically by doing it yourself.

Know why to quit smoking

If you are the one who is making up your mind to quit smoking then, I guess, you think in the positive direction. You might have tried several times before to quit smoking but somehow failed in your task. Do not worry, humans have a tendency to learn from their failures and mistakes. The only thing you need to be aware of is why you want to quit it. The reason could be your family members, your co-workers or it could be the very concern of your health. Whatever the reason might be to quit smoking keep, that particular reason in your mind and move ahead positively. After a bit of turmoil, you are the one who will be the winner if you finally be successful to quit smoking.

Chalk out a plan to quit smoking

Planning is essential to meet your objective. First, you need to do a research and find out how much you smoke and when does you get the urge of smoking. Think about the possible ways how you can avoid yourself from smoking. Keep enough toffees and chewing gums handy to pacify yourself when you get the urge of smoking. Sometimes, a cup of tea or a hot coffee does enough to keep you going and avoid smoking. Make a weekly plan first and after a week access yourself and find out how much success you had in that particular week. You can do it yourself or take someone''s help to prepare a plan for yourself.

Do not forget to reward yourself for not smoking

Once you get a bit of success in your effort to quit smoking do not hesitate to reward yourself for doing so. You do not have to spent some extra bucks from your pocket for doing so. You can save the money you spent in buying cigarette packets regularly. You can use this money to reward yourself with anything you like. You can go for a movie or invite your girlfriend for a date or outing with you.

Speak out

Since you have decided to quit smoking and got a fair amount of success in it by now. Do not limit yourself from speaking out to others. Spread the message to your family members and your loved ones that you have left smoking. As soon as you have done your part they will do their bit to encourage you with their comfortable words. You will get more determined and composed in your effort to quit smoking.

Learn to say NO

Sometimes, circumstances compels you to smoke. You need to stay away from those friends and colleagues who offer you a cigar every now and then and might even discourage you for not smoking. You must pass them the message clearly but politely that you have already quitted smoking. If you could do so you will move one level up in your effort to quit smoking.

Lead a healthy life

Shade your negative habits like smoking and try to work on positive and constructive habits. A routine exercise program or a yoga program would definitely help to concentrate your mind on your health. If you regularly concentrate on building your health you will find yourself leaving those habits which does not do any good to your health.

Visit your family doctor

Once you have decided to quit smoking, you have done a great help to yourself. But, if you feel at any point of time, that you are facing any physical or moral problem you need to visit your doctor and talk about the problems which you face after you quit smoking. He/she will be the right person to guide you further till the time you have completely give up smoking.

Join an online site to keep you busy

The urge of smoking comes when you remain idle. Hence, engage yourself with something which adds to your creativity. You can join a website like www.exposeknowledge.com where you can express your thoughts and ideas about anything by writing contents or participating in the forum. The good thing about this website is that you will also be paid according to your contribution in the different sections of the site.


If you quit smoking successfully, you are going to be rewarded with a better health. Your pulse rate and blood pressure will improve greatly. The overall flow of oxygen in your body will also increase and the risk of heart attack will also decrease to a great extent. Moreover, your lungs will begin to work normally and the circulation of blood in the body will increase. Finally, the harmful action of nicotine will also disappear from the body.

Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 03/17/2012    Points:5    

Smoking is really a very bad habit. It will affect our health. Smoking is the main reason of major diseases. It badly affect our lungs. The main reason for lung cancer is smoking. Many people are addicted to smoking. Once you fall in smoking, it is very difficult to escape from this bad habit. There are special treatment available now to stop smoking. This kind of treatment help many people to avoid smoking forever. But some people can stop this for short period. They fall again in this habit. Such kind of people want treatment again.

Smoking in public places will badly affect the health of others. So those who are addicted to smoke, please don't smoke in public places. Do some loyalty towards others.
Author: Ankit Neerav        
Posted Date: 03/24/2012    Points:5    

Nicotine chewing gums are really effective on chain smokers. It provides nicotine, to which the body is addicted and makes it easier for the person to leave the cigarettes. This greatly reduces the effect of tobbaco smoke which not only harms the lungs of the smoker but also harms people nearby who breathe it in. Second hand smoke also has the potential to cause lung cancer. Nicotine gums can gradually replace cigarettes completely and then its consumption can be decreased over time without much effort on the part of the smoker. This is also a natural, safe and very effective way to quit smoking easily without much effort or expense.

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