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Healthy Gourmet Lunch Ideas for Office

March 05, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.55   Views: 983

Add a salad or a fruit bowl or yogurt drink to your burger and it will keep you energetic to wade through the office work for the next four hours without craving for a snack in between. This article explores all possibilities of making your own healthy gourmet lunch for work.


Lunch and dinner are important meals after breakfast. Sadly, lunches today have become fast food and greasy plate meals. We are busy with work and want to eat at our desk while we try to finish the day’s scheduled tasks. Therefore, we pick up a carbohydrate-loaded deli or high fat loaded burgers from the cafeteria. Some of us feel guilty about eating unhealthy meals and hence, give up eating a lunch totally. This worsens the problem as your sugar level spikes, making you crave for more junk food. Here are some simple tips for making a gourmet lunch for office.

Your boring office salad can become a gourmet salad if you simply add the seasonal fruit and nuts. You need not struggle much while making salads. It takes hardly few minutes in the morning to add a few nuts, berries and dressing to your mixed greens salad.

Interesting Gourmet Lunch Ideas for Office

Do you have to be a famous chef to make your own gourmet lunch? Well, cooking is not that tough at all. You can begin by making simple treats from your grocery shopping. Many people like making a salad, crackers and cheese dip. All these are almost ready snacks and using multi-grain crackers with low fat cheese can be a good tasty gourmet lunch for office.

Salads for Gourmet Lunch Ideas

You can make salads simple, heavy or extra crunchy as you like. Adding protein to your salad is simple. If you are a vegetarian, you can add nuts, berries and cheese to your salads. Eggs, corn and leftover veggies can add taste to your meal and make it an interesting gourmet salad. Consider adding whole-wheat pasta to your salad and make it a wholesome meal.

Gourmet Lunch Ideas with Fruits

Adding a fruit for lunch makes your tummy feel cool and keeps your feel full longer. You can make fruit smoothies for lunch and sip while eating your meal. You can make fruit shakes and milk shakes for lunch. You can make fruit salads or small fruit bowls.

Healthy Gourmet Burgers for Lunch

Yes, burgers can be a gourmet lunch. They can be healthy too! Slice some low fat cheese or spread some low fat butter on your brown bread. You can find black bean burger patties, chickpea patties, veggie patties and soy protein patties in your grocery store. You can make these burgers and microwave them at your office. Add a salad or a fruit bowl or yogurt drink to your burger and it will keep you energetic to wade through the office work for the next four hours without craving for a snack in between.

Packing your Gourmet Lunch for Office

Preparing your gourmet lunch does not end with cooking or assembling your foods. It involves simple packing techniques too. You can buy reusable microwaveable containers to pack your office lunch. You can toss whole-wheat spaghetti with mixed vegetables in an aluminum foil. This is easy to microwave and goes well with a slice of bread and bowl of fruit or frozen yogurt.

Ziploc bags are ideal for carrying bread sandwiches, fruits and nuts. Microwave containers help to carry soups, rice with vegetables and cheese dips. You can even make soups and salads in bulk for two days in a row. You can pack cheese and crackers in non-microwave bowls. If you have leftover dinner, you can box them for the next day’s office lunch. You can re-heat roasted vegetables and noodles or fried rice even if you pack them in aluminum foils or regular microwave safe lunch boxes.

These ideas will help you make tasty and healthy gourmet office lunches without spending a lot of money. Many brands offer healthy gourmet lunches and pre-packed meals for low cost. However, if you check the nutrition labels, you will notice that some pre-cooked lunch packs have high sodium and sugars. On the other hand, if you pack your own lunches, you can have more control on your nutrition and make it more healthy meal.


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