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Buying a House or Property is a wise investment !

March 08, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Investment  Earning $0.35   Views: 1243

Investing in property is the best investment and has manyfold benefits.It provides a lot of security and the earlier one decides and invests in a property the better returns one can hope to have !


Most people make plans to own a property, a house or an apartment of their own.In fact, it is the done thing for most families. It is taken for granted that once you get married and start a family, the next step is to have a house of your own.Investing in property and house is considered to be the best investment possible..

People go through all sorts of sacrifices,struggles and difficulties to make this dream come true. Personally, I too feel the same way,that investing in property is the best investment ever.In most places property prices double in a matter of 5 or 6 years and one can either live or rent it out which is an additional income.Even otherwise according to experts there is a return of 12 - 13% per anum which is far higher than any other investment except probably when the stock market is on a bull run.

House is something that is always in demand because of the ever increasing population in most countries.One has to have security in life and owning an apartment or house gives a lot of mental security.There is also the satisfaction that the prices are moving upwards and eventually your children benefit too..Land value normally never goes down especially in cities , so does house since it comes with land. A house value may not go up, but since one either lives in it or rents it out there is a constant source of income which balances out the depreciation...I feel that after the initial 5 or 6 years period the apartment values do not go up much since the building becomes older, however the land value keeps going up which is good enough since apartment owners get land share as well !

I still remember the effort we put in when we got our house built.In fact, we had bought an old house with garden which was badly maintained.Later, we got it renovated once and after a few years added another floor since we needed more room for the children.I still remember how the children helped out in their own little ways to make things easier,since we were living on the premises in two rooms and kitchen, with the work going on all over the house and garden...

Investing in property is the best investment and has manyfold benefits.It provides a lot of security and also a means of earning by letting out a portion of the house when one is in financial difficulties.I have seen many people do that to substantiate their income.Since the tendency for property houses is to increase year after year, one should invest at the first opportunity available to get the maximum benefit.

As we grow older what we require is a small place that can be easily maintained.However, owning property and being able to sell it later and moving to a smaller place also gives you some financial stability.There was the case of the famous Indian actress Devika Rani who owned a beautiful and vast Coffee estate ( 800 odd acres)on the outskirts of Bangalore and also an immense house filled with every kind of luxury and artefacts.But when she and her husband grew older, unable to manage the estate and also having no children they preferred to leave it in the hands of the managers who took them for a royal ride, and stayed in a hotel.I guess we have to think of our future as well and plan accordingly when we make our investments.

However, there are many people who are not in favor of owning houses and get stuck in one place , they would rather move around and live in rented houses all their life, but this cannot go on . At some stage or the other they are bound to get fed up of such a life style and would want to settle down. But, by then it may be too late to invest in property since the prices would have sky rocketed .So the earlier one decides and invests in a property the better returns one can hope to have...

Author: Marlo E.        
Posted Date: 07/08/2012    Points:5    

Actually and practically yes it is a wise and smart move if you have chance to purchase or have it. Like in our country we are all obligated to own a property or house for our own family not be depended to parents - thats our culture.

Property or house is a good investment which the market value is going high. I always advice my two children that if they have chance to own and purchase property do it - don''t ever have a second thought about it. At the time of trouble and un-expected situation property can be the answers.

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