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Job Opportunities for Ex-pats in Bombay

March 08, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 664

Bombay, born again with a new name Mumbai, is the commercial and entertainment capital of India. There are plenty of job opportunities in and around the city if a person is ready to adjust himself to the diverse and exotic life of the city.


Bombay, presently called Mumbai, is a city in India that has the largest population with a total population of about 20.5 million and is the fourth most populous city in the world. Thousands of people pour into the city everyday in search of jobs and livelihood. There are a lot of placement consultants and overseas recruitment agents who help people in search of jobs. Ex-pats can find jobs in Bombay, provided they are willing to undergo the hardships of living conditions in the city with people of diverse cultures and languages.
Indians reaching other continents in search of jobs

There is a saying in the South Indian language Tamil which means, “Go in search of job and find wealth even rowing over the waves and navigating across seas.” The past three centuries witnessed Indians moving away to western countries in search of jobs, especially after it had come under the British rule. After the World Wars this search for jobs increased in great number.

Why this Exodus of Ex-pats?

1) Today, the trend is reverse. Recent decades are witnessing ex-pats returning from the west, especially from the Gulf countries and the US. Recession and world level economic problems are forcing them to come to India.

2) The present situation in India seems to be brighter than most of the western countries which actually are aiming at India to open up their new business ventures. The number of people leaving their home countries to sample Ex-pat life in India is increasing day by day. India, being a democratic country, seems to be a better place for them.

3) Foreign companies find it easier to invest in India where they get cheaper man power than their own countries. That is why there is a boom in India in BPO and IT jobs. Even within the country people are migrating from rural to urban areas in search of jobs. Bombay is the number one city experiencing this exodus.

Job Opportunities for Ex-pats in Bombay

1) Bombay, being the seat of some important financial institutions such as the Reserve Bank of India, Stock Exchange Markets, etc. and having good living conditions, it is easier to find investment for starting new plants and projects. Hence, there is no wonder in finding Bombay as the financial and employment capital of India.

2) Several multinational corporations are working in the country with their headquarters in Bombay. In fact, the per capita income of people working in Bombay is 3 times as high as the national average.

3) Bombay is the most important Indian city with maximum number of placement consultants, and overseas recruitment agents. Leading companies of India such as Reliance, Hindustan Lever, Tata Group, Larson Toubro, Godrej, etc. have their key points in Bombay.

4) The media and entertainment industry, sectors such as shipping, aeronautics, port and dock industries, IT industry and many other industries assure jobs to the Ex-pats. The government also has allotted certain percentage of jobs for such Ex-pats.

5) Various sites such as Naukri.com, www.allmumbaijobs.com, www.monsterindia.com, etc. help Ex-pats in finding suitable jobs in Bombay. Many of them do quick and free service simply by online registration.

Problems facing Ex-pats in India

1) Finding accommodation is a real problem in the congested city of Bombay. It is more difficult even than finding jobs.

2) Those who seek jobs in Bombay should be very careful about the fraudsters, since there are many of them waiting to make a quick money by cheating anxious job-seekers.

Bombay or Mumbai has become the busiest refuge for thousands of Ex-pats. Though the government is taking all measures to solve their demands and needs, ever-increasing exodus of these Ex-pats is a real challenge to the city as well as the people of India.

Author: rekhas        
Posted Date: 03/09/2012    Points:1    

Very nicely written. Plenty of job opportunities in Mumbai. The lifestyle is also similar to abroad. Hence, it is easy to adjust.
Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 03/10/2012    Points:3    

The author has very aptly pointed out why Mumbai has so much job and investment opportunities. He has also mentioned about the problems one faces working and living in this city which would be helpful for those who are thinking to shift there for job opportunities. Very well presented article by the author here.
Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 03/10/2012    Points:3    

Well written article ! India and Mumbai which is the financial capital of India has a lot to offer to Ex-Pats.In fact, I see a lot of them living elsewhere in the country as well like Bangalore,Chennai...Once a few basic amenities are taken care of India is a good place to live in since it is still affordable and it has its own charm...thanks a lot for a well researched article !

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