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How to Eat Tasty Foods while on Weight Loss Diet

March 08, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.40   Views: 870

Now, when we say good things to eat on a diet, we are not talking about potato chips, wafers or fries. You need to eat foods that take time to digest and keep you full for a longer period of time.


We think that losing weight is tough. Yet, when we see slim people, we think that they may not be eating at all, in order to maintain such a slim frame. The key to sustainable weight loss is not only dieting but also exercise. Similarly, if you exercise everyday without proper diet control, you will still not lose weight. Exercise and strenuous physical activities do help you lose weight but also make you hungry. You can still lose weight if you find out about good things that you can eat while sticking on your diet.

Lose Weight Eat Right

Now, when we say good things to eat on a diet, we are not talking about potato chips, wafers or fries. Sorry to disappoint you but no, you cannot eat potato chips and fries everyday if you want to lose weight seriously. You can eat them once in two weeks or so. On other days, consider multigrain crackers with low fat cheese or multigrain chips made of wheat, quinoa and whole grains. You can make healthy dips for these whole grain chips to satiate your taste buds. Cheese and spinach dips, tomato salsa and chopped peppers, cucumbers in yogurt can be a healthy dip for your crackers and veggies.

Low Carbohydrate Diet for Weight Loss

While you snack on your dieting regime, you should remember to hunt for low carbohydrate snacks. You can eat roasted vegetables, fruits and multi-grain breads for a snack. Protein bars are a rich source of protein but do contain many carbohydrates and sugars. Instead, you can make protein bars at home with low or no sugar and fewer calories. You can eat boiled or grilled corn, soups and avocado when you are in search of a low carbohydrate diet.

Good Snacks for Weight Loss

Eggs, egg whites, chickpeas, black-eyed beans and kidney beans can be a rich source of protein. They are easy to cook and tasty too. You can feel full for longer time if you eat these for a snack. You can add vegetables to egg whites and make tasty scrambled eggs after or before your trip to the gym. Similarly, black bean patties are high in protein and low in carbohydrates. You can have them for dinner with multigrain bread. Add some salad to make it a wholesome meal. Are you craving for dessert after dinner or lunch? You can eat some yogurt with honey and berries made at home! You can also find fruit yogurt bars in grocery stores. These are great weight loss snacks for dessert as they are just 70 calories and very few sugars or carbohydrates.

All weight loss experts allow you to indulge in your favorite junk food once in a week or once in two weeks. It is not a bad idea at all to grab a slice of pizza or your favorite burger with fries. However, do not eat them more than once a week or once in two weeks. Eating healthy is important to keep away health problems like diabetes, hypertension, heart attack and obesity.

Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 03/10/2012    Points:2    

You have raised a very good concern through this article. Really, the best way to lose weight is a perfect diet chart together with a routine workout. Very well presented by the author.
Author: onyanza        
Posted Date: 03/10/2012        

Nice one
Author: Ankit Neerav        
Posted Date: 03/11/2012    Points:2    

Yes, nice analysis and presentation. I think this is useful to any body dieting or planning to go on a diet. Eating right does not keep us healthy only during the dieting period but also extends longevity of the results achieved on dieting.

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