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How to control your anger patiently?

March 09, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.75   Views: 1033

This article gives complete information on how to control your anger patiently and useful methods to control your anger. You will also get details about what is anger, when anger becomes a disease, causes of anger etc.


What is anger?

Anger is one of those frustrating physical emotion which is present in every living being on this earth. But when this strong felling of displeasure surpasses a certain limit it affects one''s health very badly. But the question is how this anger originates and what can we do to control it? Before jumping into any conclusion let us analyze the fact under what circumstances this feeling of anger takes the shape of a disease or illness.

When anger becomes a disease?

Anger is such an emotion which everyone goes through in one''s life. But this psychological emotion takes the shape of a mental illness when it is expressed in an abnormal way. Yes, sometimes this abnormal phase of anger leads one to the extent of breaking his/her home furniture into pieces, physical violence, shouting in loud voice etc. People get out of their control and this reveals their incapability to cope up effectively and efficiently with the changing situations all around them. But the good news is that to control anger there are several scientific techniques. You can take the help of psychological experts to control your anger. They are the right person to teach you the right ways of anger management.

Causes of anger

Let us analyze the causes of anger. Generally, anger arises from tremendous mental pressures. Now, this mental pressure can further be sub-divided into two categories. First, we face the unpleasant situations and try to fight them out through our way. Secondly, we try to avoid the unpleasant situations and try to run away from it. It is important to note here that the first case which I mentioned is known as fight response to unpleasant or unavoidable situations. Anger is the result of these unpleasant situations of life.

Explanation with the help of equations:

Now, I will move ahead and try to explain the same with the help of equations. Look at these equations:

1) Motivation + No barrier = Goal (happiness).

Motivation generates from expectations and wants. When these expectations and wants are not obstructed through any barrier we reach our goals and become happy.

2) Motivation + Barrier = Frustration (anger).

Here, motivation that generates from expectations and wants is restricted by obstacles and the end result is frustration or anger. These conditions give birth to anger.

It totally depends on the capability of a person how he/she deals in such a situation. Some of us react very quickly and get angry in a frustrating situation while for others it might differ.

Methods to control anger

By now you have understood what an anger is and what are the causes of anger by going through the above-mentioned illustrations. Your anger can lead to disturbances in your healthy ways of life. It will not even let you to rest in peace when you are at work or at home in your own pace. You need to know the proper techniques of anger management so that you could get away with your anger at ease and concentrate on healthy and regular pace of life. Let us go through some of the useful tips which would definitely help you in controlling your anger in a proper and orderly way:


There is no better alternative than reasoning when it comes about controlling one''s anger. If you are angry on anyone or because of some undesirable situation think and find suitable reason for the same. Proper reason will help to calm down your anger.

Think from others point of view

When you are very angry, you do not want to listen what others have to say. This further complicates the situation and you do not arrive at a conclusion. It would be a good idea to let others speak and listen what they have to say on the matter. This would help immensely to pacify your anger.

Move away

If you are so angry that you do not have a control on yourself then it will be advisable to leave that place temporarily. When you leave the place and move out you spent some time with yourself thinking over the situation. This will help to calm you down and breathe at ease.

Take deep breathe

If you get enraged over something try to stay cool and composed. Close your eyes and count from one to ten or vice verse. Alternately, you can remember someone''s face whom you love the most at that point of time. It will work magic to calm you down.

Do physical work out

If you regularly do some physical workouts like jogging, running, yoga etc you will have a good command over your emotions. Physical activities release certain chemical in your brain which helps you to remain relaxed and happy throughout the day.

Take out some time for yourself

Take out some time regularly from your busy schedule and use it to do things that you love to do. It could be like listening to your favorite songs, playing video-games or doing nothing at all. It will help greatly to settle down your nerve and increase your patience to tolerate things beyond certain levels.

Learn to forgive

Sometimes you get angry on those whom you love too much. This could be because you love them too much and expect more from them. Naturally, when these so called expectations are not fulfilled you feel like cheated, betrayed etc. If you try to deal with them in anger it might lead you nowhere. Therefore, the best idea would be to forgive them for their mistakes. You need to forgive them at least for the fact that you love them so much. If you think over it calmly and deal with it patiently then in the long run it would not harm your relationship. Forgive them at least so that they get enough time to realize about their mistakes.


Frustration, anger, rage etc are all a part and parcel of human life. You need to accept them as they are. The best way to deal with them is patience. Have patience and give enough time to yourself and others so that you could get into a positive solution over things. It might seem to be a hard task to follow to begin with but, believe me, once you practice it in your regular life you would be a man of substance and character. You need to remember a famous proverb which goes like this that a fool expresses all his emotions, but a wise person controls them.

Author: Ankit Neerav        
Posted Date: 03/25/2012    Points:2    

This is really a great article. Useful to every person who is short tempered and even normal people who want to control their anger. Anger also affects one's health badly.
Author: Sarika        
Posted Date: 04/23/2012    Points:4    

Thanks Mr. Ajay for such a nice article. Anger is an old enemy and leads only to destruction. People have tried for a long time to conquer it but it is just so powerful that at some point of time we succumb to it. Anger not only destroys one psychologically but physically too. Anger management tips that you have provided are really great. But I wonder when we are angry do we really think about these tips or our mind just concentrates on the problem at hand and forgets all what we learned or practiced?

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