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How To Use Your Mobile Phone Effectively

March 10, 2012  by: Joina  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.45   Views: 1202

This article gives some suggestion to those who are having their own mobile phone.


If you have your own mobile phone, try to keep the suggestions. It should help you to use your hand set in a proper and efficient way.

. If your mobile phone falls in water or become wet, off your phone and take away the battery. Before you on the phone, make sure that it is completely dry. If you can’t on the phone, take it into a service station. They can solve this problem. If you try to on your wet phone, your phone may get repair as a result of short circuit.

. The emergency number of mobile phone in the whole world is 112. You can try this number at any places where there is no range. There is no problem to use this number whether your phone is locked.

. If you try to charge your phone all the time, the battery of your phone will get repair soon. Charge your phone only if it is going to finish.

. In some types of phones there is research battery for urgent calls even though the charge is already over. For activation, dial the number 370. Then your phone will off and on again automatically and then your phone will get 50% extra than the existing charge.

. When you pass through a place where there is no range, off your phone. Otherwise, when you work your phone for searching, the charge of your phone will be getting over soon.

. If you want to remove battery from your phone, first you off your mobile. Then you can take it out.

. If you don’t want to use your phone for few days, remove the battery from your phone and keep somewhere.

. You have the right to choose number for your phone. You should pay a special fees for this. BSNL has introduced 3 types of numbers in different rates such as Rs.3000, Rs.200 and Rs. 1000. For more information you can contact with customer care.

. Don’t keep your mobile phone in the pocket. Keep it away from your body parts. You can either keep it in your bag or hold it in your hand. It will help you to protect yourself from the effect of mobile phone radiations.

. If there is a situation to keep your phone in the pocket, the part where there is screen should be attached with your body, because the antenna and the transmitter are in the back side of the mobile. The ‘Radio Frequency Exposure’ comes from the antenna and the transmitter is linked to tumors in the brain.

. When you use your mobile, utilize the speaker phone facility of your handset. You can also attend the call using ear phone. Then you can reduce the amount of radiation.

. When you call to somebody or attend the call of others, don’t attach your phone immediately close to your ear. First you attend the call and then slowly bring it towards your ear. The amount of radiation from phone is so high, at the time when it is getting connected.

Mobile phone is one of the important things of 21st century. It is must to keep our status in this society. The new generation can’t live without a mobile. So try to use your hand set smartly and effectively.


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