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Why you need to market yourself to be successful in life?

March 10, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $1.00   Views: 825

In this article, I have explained why you need to market yourself. I have also explained about to showcase your talent and apply your common sense, take the effort to promote yourself through marketing. Moreover, a real-life experience about self promotion is given for an indepth and better understanding on the subject of marketing yourself.


Why you need to market yourself?

If you do not love yourself others will not love you. If you forget to value yourself others might not value you. People will not recognize your talent unless you take the effort to recognize your talent. This might sound a bit blunts to the ears but this is a fact of life. During this highly competitive age, marketing plays an important role to determine the degree of ones success. How you present and showcase your talent and skills holds very important now-a-days.

Showcase your talent and apply your common sense

You might have heard your elders saying that if there is a talent and potential within you then you are going to make a name for yourself in this world. Exactly, they are right, but then it is not everyone''s cup of tea to realize one's talent. You might have noticed that there are many talented people around you but only a few climbs to the ladder of success. Your talents and capabilities remains inside you until and unless you try to make an effort to take them out and showcase to others. You might have even meet people who moves towards success with a great pace leaving others behind them. Do you know why? It is because these people use their common sense along with their inner talents and potentials. The fact is that to get success you do not have to be a genius but you need to have a good common sense.

Take the effort to promote yourself through marketing

Now, take a look at these individual instances of life. Suppose, you want to be a singer in your life. Then you need to send your bio-data, your songs audio cassettes or CDs to the different song companies and producers. Suppose, you are very good looking and want to be an actor/actress or want to pursue a career in modeling. Here also you have to proceed in an orderly way. You need to make an excellent portfolio of yourself and send it to different advertising agencies. Moreover, you need to participate in contests like Miss India contests to earn popularity and fame. Hence, if you market yourself there is no shame in it.

Real-life experience of self promotion

Here, I am going to mention a real-life experience which will help you to understand clearly how much effect self promotion could have on your life. Through self promotion and a positive frame of mind you are going to achieve what in a normal circumstances you cannot. Self promotion, confidence, common sense etc are the essential ingredients which could bring success to your life when applied in the right degree and positive direction.

Bio-data of a young candidate

I still remember a bio-data of a young candidate when I was hiring and interviewing some young employees for my company. While going through the bio-data of the candidates before the interview I found a bio-data which was very interesting and caught might attention at once. In the bio-data, it was clearly mentioned by the candidate that he was an extra-ordinary talented person and he could save the company lakhs of rupees if he would get an opportunity to join the company. Moreover, he claimed the fact that he could give thousands of employees to the company without spending a single penny from the companys account. Before beginning the interview, his name was flashing in my mind. To begin with, I had a mixed kind of reaction going on in my mind about this particular candidate. First, I thought that he might be an insensible man who claims on the fact that he knows more than anyone else. But again at a second thought I took him to be a very brave and outspoken young man. I got very eager to meet and hear from this person. Hence, he was successful in drawing my attention towards him by the claims he made in his bio-data.

Interview of the candidate

I without being able to control my eagerness called him first for the interview. From the very beginning of interview, I hit the bulls eye, by asking him about the claims that he made in the bio-data. I inquired if it is true? He replied, yes, it is true. Next, I inquired him if he could prove the truthfulness about the statement made by him in his bio-data. He replied back in yes and continued that before coming to the interview he made an analysis about the company, its working hours and about the employees. He said further that he had seen around 50 employees of the company arriving 15 to 20 minutes late at work and leaving the office before 15 to 20 minutes everyday. He further added that in this way the company is wasting a salary of around 18,200 rupees. The employees of the company is wasting around five percent of the scheduled work time. Finally, he said that if the company manages to engage these employees to work and leave them at schedule time then the company will not only save around 18,200 rupees but also five percent of the total working hours. I was looking at him all the way when he was presenting his thesis and information to me. He at once made an en rode in my heart with his charming personality and presentation. I had no choice left rather than selecting this young man for the company.


In this mad race towards success you need to prove that you are a special one from the crowd. You can only do so by realizing your hidden talent and showcasing them. Of course, you need to have certain degree of common sense through the application of which you can reach your goals in life. Hence, take the effort to explore your knowledge today. Finally, you need to take the effort to socialize, attract others attention, write columns and articles etc so that you leave others way behind in this rat race towards success. I wish you a good luck for the future.

Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 03/11/2012    Points:5    

Very well written article !In the rat race of today's world, one need to do all kinds of circus to promote oneself and be noticed otherwise one can easily get overlooked...I see it happening in many middle class families where children are groomed right from childhood so that they become successful , mostly in some show business - dont know whether to laugh or admire the children who try hard to emulate all the popular item song dancers Sheila ki jawani,munni badnam huyi etc etc )right down to their facial expressions , which are sometimes right down distasteful and vulgar ,and they act it out without knowing what impact it might have on the viewers, or act like all the great singers swinging their hands around ...What next one wonders !
Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 03/12/2012    Points:1    

great article AK G, keep up the good work and waiting for such a well written articles.
Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 03/12/2012    Points:1    

Thanks to both of you for your inspiring words and this will motivate me to come up with some more better articles in the future.

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