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Honest IPS officer Killed on duty

March 11, 2012  by: S. Chowdhury  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.25   Views: 1168

Honest officers and activists doing their duty sincerely are being murdered with alarming regularity by criminals in Corrupt-India now-a-days. The shocking incident reported in this article is just one of such many more.


As the whole of India was celebrating the festival of Holi on March 8, 2012 an young honest IPS officer of 30 years age by the name of Narendra Kumar Singh was being brutally murdered on duty by the notorious mining mafia of Madya Pradesh, crushing him under the wheels of a tractor-trolley carrying illegally quarried stones that he was trying to stop, in the Morena district. This gruesome incident is no isolation and neither it is the first such shocking incident nor it will be the last one. The reason for making such an unkind statement is that goons and mafias enjoy political patronage in Corrupt-India, making them even bolder to take on those who dares to challenge their looting spree. Politicians cutting across party lines are hand-in-glove with mafias of the mining industry and get their bulk share of the illegal-booty as well. Not only are the politicians directly involved with the criminals; there is actually an unholy nexus with the law enforcement agencies and government officers as well.

The tractor-trolley that mowed down Narendra Kumar Singh; (Inset)The Slained Officer

While the general public tends to tag the system as totally corrupt and rotten and slip into inaction mode only a few bravehearts try to change the system by taking corruption head-on. Many of such whistleblowers had to pay the price for their upright actions dearly with their lives and this number is on the rise menacingly. More than a dozen RTI (Right to Information) activists were killed in India in a span of last one-and-a-half-years, all of whom were pursuing several corruption cases across the country against powerful people in various sectors and all of them received life threats before being killed, which they also reported to the police several times in certain cases but no action was taken. I hope the Indian public remembers at least a few of those martyrs like S. Manjunath, Satyendra Dubey, Amit Jethwa, Yashwant Sonawane, all of whom were either honest officers or activists doing their duty and were killed by criminals belonging to the mafia of various industries that in cahoots with the politicians, bureaucrats and police has been looting the country for quite some time now.

In most of the cases even though the actual killers get caught and convicted as well but the real masterminds behind plotting the murders, their higher bosses and all the other powerful people who have their hands in the till are never hauled up by the law. Actually the murder investigations are very much shams and mostly pre-scripted. So it makes sure that clinching evidence is never collected against the ‘corrupt high and mighty’. Thus the small shrimps are caught in the net while the sharks and whales stay at large. This is the root of the problem. I personally think unless some convictions of the real big bosses take place, the law won’t act as a deterrent for such crimes and corruption in general. Sadly in the country today there is no neutral investigation agency left that is above suspicion and without proper thorough investigation there cannot be a just trial.

The Corrupt-India of today can ill-afford to lose such brave souls like this particularly in times when the country is slowly sinking to the abyss of shameful corruption levels. Even though the government at the centre has passed the very important ‘Whistleblowers’ Protection Bill’ after much dilly-dallying but it remains to be seen how much sincerely it would be implemented on the ground to act as a shield for those who dares to fight in making India honest, cleaner and transparent. Till such time, if at all there is any such time, we need to ask ourselves – who are these young brave people fighting for and losing their lives in the process?

Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 03/13/2012    Points:3    

He has to ask helps through hand set from on the way police station to stop him. Directly he did try to catch/stop such criminals. safety first and the action next.
This is forces khahawat. How he forgot this.

The soul rest in peace Almighty's lotus feet.

Author: Ankit Neerav        
Posted Date: 03/13/2012    Points:7    

He was a very courageous man, such people should be honoured for their service to the nation. I salute his bravery. We need such honest ips officers in India, to help remove these mining mafia and illegal activities. These people have gone to the state of killing ips officers! How safe can we normal citizens expect to be. We need swift action against such people. The politicians will only give assurances as usual to his family. I think the ips officers lobby should put pressure on the centre to provide them more independence to take action against all such people. If the ips community unite against these people then there is nothing that can stop them from putting things right, the way they should be. The judiciary should also step in and provide relief by fast tracking such cases and not sparing any of the people responsible for these type of horrendous acts. We should not just ignore and forget the death of such a brave soul.

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