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Moving and Shifting to a New Apartment or House

March 14, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.30   Views: 625

For most people, moving to a new apartment seems like a nightmare. There is so much to do, clean, de-clutter, take care of bills, pack and unpack, handle extra expenses. Well, moving can actually be a smooth process. Here is how.


Do you think moving or shifting to a new apartment or home is tough? Well, with a good plan and organization, you can actually look forward to an enjoyable experience. there is no denying that you need to take care of your medical bills, utility bills, pack all the glassware and other items. Yet, many people do vouch that a planned effort can making moving a smooth process.

Usually, the house or apartment rent rates come down during winter and beginning of spring. Just before spring season, people do begin cleaning their homes. Hence, it may also be the best time for moving. You can clean the clutter, give away old belongings for charity and recycle old clothes and personal stuff. At the same time, you can pack and move to a new apartment. Basically, moving is a good idea if your current apartment lease is close to expiry, if there is an increase in rent and so on.

Hiring Professional Movers and Packers

Do you need to hire professional moving experts? If you are moving long distance, you may need some extra help. Sometimes, shorter distance and local moving also requires hiring professional movers and packers. However, first and basic point is to consider your budget. Make a rough estimate of all costs for the moving process. You will need to hire a truck,van or a UHaul. If you have few bulk items, you may try to pack smaller items on your own.

Most local grocery stores will let you borrow empty boxes and bubble wraps. Hence, you can save a considerable amount that usually goes into buying moving boxes.

Hiring professional help for packing is good if you are busy with office or kids. Usually, employees can avail relocation benefits from their workplaces. Employees get a fixed moving amount. If the expense is higher, the employees need to pay the difference from their pocket.Always remember to read reviews before you hire movers and packers.

Moving and Packing

Make a list of items you need to pack. It will pretty much be everything. Organize them into various rooms like Kitchen stuff, dining, living room, study, bedroom and bathroom. Then pack the boxes and number them accordingly. If there is glassware, write 'handle with care-glassware'. Hence, when you load and unload the Uhaul, you will be careful with these boxes. Once you have a rough estimate of the packing stuff, you can determine the size of vehicle needed for transporting them to the new apartment.

Asking Friend's help while Moving

It is not a bad thing to request your friends to help you with moving and packing. Of course, remember to offer them lunch and snacks while they come to help you. In case you wish to hire a moving company, be very careful. It is advisable to check at least three or four movers and their quotes. Then read customer reviews and never agree to pay the whole amount before the moving is complete.

All these tips, planning details and strategies can help you save a lot. We also mean reduced stress and tension. Moving can be a breeze and as good as spring season itself. Of course, if you made a good plan and organized your moving process, you can sail through it without blinking an eyelid.


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