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Flowers to Express Your Emotions

March 15, 2012  by: Ravikumar Ambadi  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.35   Views: 683

The intention of giving gifts is to show that you love the person and you remembr them always. This will certainly strengthen the relation between both. Flowers, as gift articles will perform this duty efficiently. Flowers can influence one's mind and thoughts. This fact has been proved through centuries


It is an age old practice to present flowers on various occasions. Flowers are the most beautiful among the creations of almighty and they are considered as the fortunes of the nature. The relation between flowers and human beings are strong and it is continuing all these years. No sweet dreams will be completed without the appearance of some beautiful flowers. All the fantasies will have flowers as the background. Various flowers are being used to express various emotions.

A red rose symbolizes your deep love. The red color symbolizes the heart and the fragrance from the rose symbolizes the strong emotions that come out from the depth of the heart. Hence, by giving a red rose as a gift, you are giving away your heart and emotions to that person. In other words, you are surrendering yourselves in front of that person and that unconditional surrender is love. There is no better way to express that you love that person and the love is unconditional.

Yellow is a bright color and give a sort of pleasure at the first sight itself. It is a pleasant color also. Orange color, a combination of red and yellow is thus considered as the color to express your love for your friends. There is a practice of presenting Orange colored chrysanthemums to friends in ancient Japan. Here the love is not as deep as the love for your girlfriend or boyfriend. Still, you love your friends and you are enjoying their company. Orange color chrysanthemums symbolize these things.

In ancient India there was a practice of sending red color wild flowers to the enemies. Here the red stands for blood and being a wild flower, the mood with which it has been presented will also be wild. This practice was to show the opponents that you are ready to fight a war with him. At the same time, dark violet flowers are considered the symbols of sadness. It was a common practice in many parts of Mesoamerica to send violet flowers to express condolences on somebody’s demise.

The year old practice of presenting flowers to express various emotions has taken a new face in recent years. By the arrival of many florists who are offering services to send flowers, it has been more popular to send flowers as gifts on many occasions. There are many companies offering online services also. They make it possible to send flowers to people who are staying far from your place.

Flowers are very close to our hearts and it can speak a lot of things. Actually, it will not speak, but murmur to convey your emotions to the receiver of the gift. It tells the receiver that you love him or her and always remembering him. This feeling certainly will make the receiver of the gift happier and thus the bond between both of you will get strengthened. That is the purpose of giving gifts.

So, whenever you are planning to present a gift to a person who is special for you, think about sending flowers to him or her.


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