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Useful Kitchen Tips For Home Makers

March 16, 2012  by: Joina  Points: 12   Category: Food & Drinks  Earning $1.00   Views: 1280

This article gives some useful tips for those who are interested in cooking.


The following are some tips for home makers which should make your work so easy and should reduce your burden while you cook.

1.When you make idli , add some tender coconut water in the batter. Then the batter will ferment soon and raise well. You can make very soft and tasty idlies.

2.The process of fermentation will be faster, if you add a pinch of sugar in the batter of dosai. It will help you to make a fluffy dosai.

3.Don’t use your kitchen electrical tools with your wet hand.

4.When you use electric stove or hot plate for cooking, use wooden spoon. It will protect you from electric shock.

5.Wash rice one or two times before cooking. Don’t wash it several times, if you want to preserve the vitamins and minerals contain in the rice.

6.Don’t add more water when you cook cabbage, carrot and beans. Adding more water will lose the flavor, colour and nutrient value of these vegetables.

7.Don’t open the oven while you bake something. If you try to open, the hot air will go out and the cold air will enter inside. It will increase your cooking time.

8.Use only rubber sole chapels, when you do kitchen work with electrical appliances.

9.Don’t overload your cooking mixer. Overloading will make damage to the blade. So if it is overloaded, switch off the mixer and remove a portion of food from the jar and continue the operations.

10.Cut onion into two pieces and keep in water for fifteen minutes. Chop the onion after fifteen minutes. Then tears won’t shred from your eyes.

11.If you want to make curd so quickly, add some salt and lemon juice into the hot milk. You will get curd within few minutes.

12.If you want to keep the nutrients of pumpkin, bottle guard and cucumber, don’t try to peel it so deeply. You can lightly remove the peel.

13.When you make snacks, add a table spoon of gingelly oil with coconut or other kinds of vegetable oils. It will help you to make tasty and crispy snacks.

14.When you soak rice and gram to make dosai, add two spoons of fenugreek seeds also. You can make a crispy dosai. It is a very healthy food especially for diabetic and cholesterol patients. Fenugreek can reduce the sugar level and cholesterol level of our body.

15.Adding a spoon full of coconut milk after making rasam will increase its taste.

16.To avoid the bad smell of curd, put two or three pieces of coconut in it.

17.When you make lemon juice, add few drops of ginger juice. It will increase the smell and taste of this drink.

18.If you keep lady’s finger in a polythene bag by cutting its two edges, it won’t fade soon.

19.When you make dough for chapattis, use milk instead of water. You can make soft and tasty chapattis.

20.To keep cashew nuts as fresh for long days, put two or three cloves to the container where you kept the nuts.

21. When you make medu vadai, mix some salt biscuit powder to the batter. Of course you will get crispy and tasty vadais.

22.If your frying pan is sticky, put some vinegar on its surface with a piece of cloth.

23.If you boil eggs in salt water, you can remove the egg shell so easily.

24.If an egg cracks while you boil it, add few drops of vinegar into the water. It will prevent white from streaming out of the shell.

25.If you accidently put extra salt while cooking, drop few pieces of tomato into the dishes. Potatoes can absorb the excess salt from dishes. You can remove these pieces after cooking.

26. When you make cake, add some yogurt in the batter and mix well . Now you can bake the cake as usual. This is the best way to keep your cake from drying out. After making cake, keep it in a clean and covered cake box.

Cooking is an art. It gives joy and enjoyment to us. We can make others happy by making tasty and variety dishes. Don''t think that cooking is a burden. Find out some easiest way to reduce your workload and find enjoyment while you cook.

Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 03/18/2012    Points:2    

Very wonderful and efficient tips for home makers mentioned here by the author. The article is also presented in a proper way and the image is also adding to the charm of the article. Thank you for sharing this vital kitchen tips with us through this article.
Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 04/04/2012    Points:1    

Hi Ajay, thank you for putting a motivating comment here. You are encouraging me through this statement. Thanks once again.
Author: Sarika        
Posted Date: 04/18/2012    Points:2    

A very nice and interesting article on kitchen tips. Though I knew few of them from my mother but still I learned so much. Thank you very much for sharing such valuable information.

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Useful Kitchen Tips For Home Makers
This article gives some useful tips for those who are interested in cooking.


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