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Who Are Happier Today? Young Or Old?

March 16, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Health    Views: 958

In the modern age, people of older generations seem to be happier than the younger. Does it mean that they have lost their happiness in their busy life? Is there any link between the age and happiness?


A recent study, published by the Association for Psychological Science in the journal “Perspectives on Psychological Science,” says that people of older generation tend to be happier than the younger generation.

Many people think today that younger adults are happier than the older generation. But researchers reveal that it is the older generation that is happier. It is commonly believed that old age brings only pain, frustrations and health problems. But recent studies suggest that getting older brings happiness also.

Researchers reveal that old age is happier

1) A study says that old people are happier because they endured more

Karl Pillemer, professor of human development at Cornell University, and also a professor of gerontology in medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, New York City, spent more than 30 years listening to the life lessons of oldest generations. Dr. Pillemer said that the people of older generation have endured the agonies of the Depression, the Holocaust and World Wars, in addition to the experiences of their daily life. He told that in spite of such difficulties and ill health these people were often happier than younger people.

2) Another study says present old people had comparatively fewer problems

A report from the Washington Post says that, contrary to the expectations of people that older people seem to be suffering, in reality they are happier. Quoting the research report of Dr. Tom W. Smith, director of the General Social Survey of the University of Chicago, the Post said, “One important finding of the research was that people who were biologically older were happier than younger adults”. Dr. Smith told the Post that the happiness of the older generations was not due to the fact that older people are more stoic or were taught from an early age to be content in life but because they had fewer problems to face than the younger adults of modern age.

3) Modern younger generation undergoes more trying situations

Researchers say that although old people do have a larger number of health problems, they tend to report far fewer difficulties of financial and interpersonal problems. But the researches continue to say that younger adults, who have less trouble with their health, seem to have many more problems of the other types of trying situations that affect their health in the long run and also make them less happy.

4) The old people are happy in their positive memories of the past

Some psychologists say that older people seem to be happier because they tend to focus on positive memories of the present and also live on the positive memories of their past. They do not seem to bother about the negative.

Dr. Derek M., psychologist of Northeastern University, says that although many researches show that people of older generation are happier than the modern younger adults, the link between the age and actual happiness is still a great mystery

Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 03/17/2012    Points:4    

It depends upon people. We are making our life happy and bad. If we have patience and adjusting character, we can lead a happy life. Don't give much importance to others words. Some people find enjoyment by insulting others. Stay away from such type of people. Always be positive. Give thanks to God. Don't avoid prayer. Prayer has special power and it gives us strength and will help us to forgive others. Don't worry about our weak points. Life is beautiful. Enjoy your life with friends, family and relatives. Be good and do good.
Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 03/18/2012    Points:2    

Very well explained by the author here why older people are more happy than the younger people. Perhaps, as mentioned in the article by the author that the younger people in their effort of trying too many things at a time leads them to a situation where they find themselves sad and dejected.
Author: Ankit Neerav        
Posted Date: 03/25/2012    Points:6    

Yes, good article, I think this depends from person to person and surveys generally cannot predict an accurate estimate of happy old or young people. Old people in good situations can be happier and young people too can be happier in situations that they find happy or pleasing. In general we percieve that old people are sad because their families ignore them or leave them alone. Old people have to be dependent on their children or relatives and hence have a lingering sense of insecurity but an old person who has led a satisfactory and fulfillin life and is financially independent usually has no reason to be unhappy. Young people on the other hand have a variety of issues ranging from work related problems coupled with growing competition to troubled married lives to feel unhappy about.
Author: Suny        
Posted Date: 03/27/2012    Points:4    

I am one from the older generations, I feel totally happy the way I am. I have worked enough and have done enough in my life to fulfill my duties towards my tiny family. Now my child is happy with her job and I am working happily online with nothing to worry. So, as I see younger generation is happy who understand about their responsibilities and making their efforts to achieve them are the ones who are happier lot. But the ones who did take the life casually and enjoyed on the wealth of their parents are no where in the race. However, this makes all kind of people to make this world. I would still say that older generation is as happy as the younger one provided they did their best efforts when it mattered.

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