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Celebrate Easter in a unique way

March 17, 2012  by: Ravikumar Ambadi  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.20   Views: 614

Easter, like any other festivals became commercialised in the recent past. Let us accept all those realities, but try to celbrate it containing the real heart of the festival


Easter, the celebration of resurrection is fast approaching. Just like any other festivals, Easter also has been commercialized to a greater extent. Easter Eggs, Easter Greetings etc are being sold like hotcakes in the market. There is no doubt that we require all those to celebrate Easter. After all, every festival has meant to be celebrated and every festival has its own ways to celebrate. However, we should not lose the heart of the festival while celebrating it.

Every festival has an aim. Easter is celebrated commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. More clearly we can say that Easter is the day when a new life has began for Jesus Christ. Till then he was leading a life of a human being and he has been started revering as god from the day when he resurrected. Here is the importance of Easter Eggs. Eggs, always symbolizes new birth. The colorful Easter Eggs symbolizes the new colorful days to come. When we open those eggs, quite surprise to us we will find some gift articles there. It clearly denotes that in the coming days a few surprises are waiting for you. By celebrating Easter, we are looking for a new prosperous life with a quite number of surprises.

Easter decorations like Easter Wreaths have its own meaning. The green leaves and red flowers symbolize a prosperous life with peace. This is not only for you and me. Everybody in this world should get this type of life. Our prayers and programs should be aimed towards that.

We are living in a time where religions have become establishments. More than thoughts and principles, wealth and power took the center stage there. This is against the true sense of any religion. No religions teach to hate the people who did not accept our ideology. No religions teach to kill the innocent people to achieve some personal benefits. No religions teach to destroy the wealth of others in the name of protecting our religions.

This should be the slogan that we should shout loudly on the coming Easter day. As mentioned earlier, it is a starting of new life. Let us make it the starting of a new life where there is no hate, where there is no war and where there is no revenge. Let us take this opportunity to forget all the souring past. Let us take this opportunity to spread the message of love.

Let us celebrate Easter not as a religious festival, but as a human festival. A festival that fills our hearts with new hopes.


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