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Tartan, the Scottish tradition that spread all over the world

March 17, 2012  by: Ravikumar Ambadi  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.20   Views: 572

Tartan, the traditional Scottish design is a favorite among the people of the world. A small brief about tartan and its specialities


Tartan is a type of design made on clothes with criss-crossing bands of different colors. Originally this design has been woven in wool and presently it is available in all types of clothes including cotton, nylon etc.

Tartan has been originated in the highlands of Scotland and it was considered the design for elite people. Almost all elite families have their own tartan design and there was a provision for registering the particular design also. At a time, when there were many private armies, tartan has been used as army uniform also. Many traditional wears of Scotts like kilts and skirts were in tartan pattern. Even now many people used to wear such traditional dresses on special occasions and during festivals.

Various tartan designs have different meanings too. When the red tartan was considered the tartan of braves, the blue one was considered to have more deep knowledge. Green symbolizes humanity and white peace.

The unique feature of Tartan designs was that you can create a number of different designs using different colors or different shades of same color. This feature helped to give each tartan design a separate identity. The number of designs was less in earlier days when natural colors were used to die the clothes. After the introduction of modern machinery and chemical paints, the number of designs has increased. This special feature made it a favorite design for uniform clothes in the modern world. Many organizations opt for tartan designs for uniforms. The elegant look it carries and the fact that tartan designs can keep own identity made it popular as uniform clothes.

Tartan pattern is widely used in modern dresses also. It can be a piece of cloth with tartan design that is fixed on the hip pocket of a jeans or a fully tartan miniskirt. Over coats and jackets are also coming with tartan designs.

The design, which was affordable only for the elite has become cheaper nowadays. With the introduction of modern machineries and increasing the quantity of production, this made possible. Thus, this design is affordable for all class of people now.

It is a favorite design among the fashion designers too. Possibility of creating unique designs using same colors made it popular among fashion designers. There are many fashion designers in different parts of the world who are using this design for various dresses. Exclusive tartan fashion shows also have been conducted at many places.

The design, which originated centuries before still remains as hot favorite. It has grown out of the boundaries of its mother land Scotland. Now it is the world’s most favorite design.


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