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Tips on Keeping Your Cool during Summer months

March 18, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.80   Views: 1230

What is important is not to lose your cool ,instead concentrate on conserving coolness and energy by making some necessary minor changes in your daily lives and routine ..


Tips on Keeping Your Cool during Summer months !

Summer is here and already we can see the days becoming hotter and nights becoming sultry ! We have to welcome all the seasons and make the most of them since we cannot stop nature .What is important is not to lose your cool ,instead concentrate on conserving coolness and energy by making some necessary minor changes in your daily lives and routine ..

1, Concentrate on the right kind of food - Summer is the time for salads,fruits,juices,curds, butter milk ,cold fish and cold soups.Eat plenty of crisp vegetable and fruit salads and avoid fat filled food.Butter and cream should be eaten sparingly instead it is healthier to opt for fruit desserts and home made natural flavored ice creams.In a country like India, where the climate favors fruits, juices are not a problem even for budget- conscious families, so drink plenty of nourishing juices made with fruits or a combination of fruits and vegetables ..

2,Be sensible about the clothes you wear - It is better to avoid tight fitting dresses made of synthetic fabrics in loud colors or with lots of frills and fuss .Instead go for cool cottons, georgttes and fine silks in poastel shades and small checks or stripes or floral prints that make you feel and look cool.Wearing the right kind of clothes does make a lot of difference to the way we feel during summer ! There are some who are able to feel and look cool because of the sensible way they plan their wardrobe,diet etc;

3,Beware of Heat strokes - Heat stroke is a common occurence during summer months. Normally when we stay out in the sun for a long period of time we tend to perspire and this helps cool our system.But when the body is unable to lose its heat due to certain reasons like a closed or crowded room or unsuitable dress which does not let you sweat and cool off, heat stroke can be the result since body temperature soars ! It is an excellent idea to drink at least two glasses of water before you have to go out in the sun.

4,Taking care of your eyes during summer - Most healthy eyes can adjust to a fair amount of sunlight without any trouble but if you want to avoid fine wrinkles and crows feet around the eyes it is advisavble to wear sunglasses while going out in the sun.One should also remember that light colored eyes are much more sensitive to the sun than dark colored ones.

5,Taking care of your Complexion - Some complexions dont seem to benefit from the sun at all .It is better to study ones skin type and decide what type of skin one has and how to care for it.If you can avoid it try not go out when the sun rays and the heat is at its peak during afternoon hours .However, if your skin gets sun burnt you can wash the area gently with luke warm water into which some soda bicarbonate has been added,It is very soothing and reduces inflamation caused by sun burns .Applying calamine lotion is also very helpful.

6,Taking care of your Hair -Direct rays of sun can harm and dry out the roots of your hair.All hair types regardless of texture can suffer from too much exposure to direct sun.It is better to carry either an umbrella or cover your head with a scarf.Sun is a natural bleach and it can bleach your hair resulting in a dry straw like look.It is advisable to wash hair frequently, every day if possible or atleast every other day using a good quality shampoo and a cream conditioner to keep it healthy and well nourished.Oiling the hair once or twice a week before washing will also help in keeping your hair in good condition during summer months.

7,Summer is the time for bare legs and hands so keep them looking good and healthy .Feet and toe nails should bekept clean so also hands and nails.Scrub any rough skin off the soles of your feet and wash with soap and water.Wash your hands, feet and face every now and then to keep them clean and cool.It is better to do away with high heels and heavy foot wear and instead use sensible open toed footwear and sandals which lets your feet breath and keeps you cool.

8,Make up should be kept to the minimum during summer months . Use Skin freshener or astringent ( if you have an oily skin ), and that is all that one requires since heavy make up can easily run when you sweat and make you look a complete mess .It is best to let your skin breath instead of clogging it up with layers of make up , stick to a light shade of lipstick and bare minimum eye make up during the day .Using lots of floral scented Talcum powder on your body,under arms and a little on your face helps you in keeping fresh and smelling good..

9, Never rush about - It is better to plan and do things in a leisuurely manner instead of rushing about.This only causes you to sweat and feel the heat all the more making you distressed and uncomfortable the entire day. whenever you get an opportunity try to spend time outdoors with your family amidst nature under the shade of trees and this is the best way of cooling off during summer months.

10, Going for a walk early in the morning makes you feel refreshed and ready to face the day .If you are unable to do so , it is better to go for a walk after the sun has gone down in the evening.But a light exercise or walk is a must during summer months to keep you feeling fit and healthy.

Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 03/21/2012    Points:2    

Very nice tips for this hot season. It is the best and necessary tips which we get know for this summer. I will try to follow these steps because I know that if I can follow these steps, I will get little relief from extreme hot.
Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 03/21/2012    Points:2    

Once again thank you for submitting this tips here. Best of luck.
Author: Suny        
Posted Date: 03/27/2012    Points:1    

This was a wonderful experience. I am trying to find a way to insert images in the articles here. Oh I am so curious.

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