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Einstein and his special theory of relativity

March 20, 2012  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.35   Views: 625

Einstein is a great scientist who was the founder of special theory of relativity. So, explore the special theory relativity with detailed explanations.


Einstein: special theory of relativity:

Einstein formulate postulates for special theory of relativity . In his theory, he differed from Galilean relativity in case of velocity of light. So, this relativity was named as "special" theory of relativity. According to Galilean relativity, Galileo proposed that position and time in one inertial frame relative to position and time in another inertial frame. When come to the velocity in his theory, he could not give the velocity of light in one inertial frame relative to the velocity of light in another inertial frame. This causes the need of studies on relativity to more extent. That was handled by Einstein by formulating the following postulates.

1. Each and every physical law is same in all inertial frames.
2. Velocity of light is same relative to all observers.

For the above postulates, there are the following consequences that were formulated by Einstein.
Consequence 1 of Einstein postulates: If two events occur at different locations, then the simultaneity of the event in one reference frame will not be observed with other event in a reference frame moving with respect to the first.

This one is mainly observed in space where if two events occur then all observers agree that those two events occur at the same time and same location. But, actually, those two events occur at different locations. We can not say that it is an optical illusion.

Consequence 2 of Einstein postulates: If two events occur at the same location in reference fame, it will be observed that the event will be separated by long time interval in a frame moving relative to first. Symmetry is also applicable in this consequence.

Consequence 3 of Einstein postulates: The length of the object which moves through one reference frame is smaller than its length in reference frame which is at rest.

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Hi Narasimha, r u a physics student or physics graduate? I found that you have written some good articles related to physics. I am doing second year B.Sc Physics. Your articles really help me.

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