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It is Natural to Crave For Sweets after a Meal...

March 20, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Food & Drinks  Earning $0.45   Views: 1032

Most people would love to eat sweets rather than eat the everyday meals which becomes monotonous..


Most people have the habit of eating sweets or like to eat some sweets or fruits after a meal , in fact, it has now become the done thing to have sweets after a meal whatever the reason may be .Going by expert opinion on this, apparently the urge or the craving for sweets arises because of a hormone present in our bodies by the name of 'Seretonin' that gets released after we eat and our stomach gets full ! However, for most people no meal is really complete without eating dessert- fruits or sweets.

Most people tend to think that they are either greedy and have no self control to curb their craving for sweets .But ,after reading the article about the effect of harmone, one can console oneself , that ,it is after all a natural tendency. No doubt, that we all have the urge to eat sweets after a meal but it is definitely within our capacity to control the urge and make sure that we are careful not to over indulge.

Curbing the sweet tooth

Most people would love to eat sweets rather than eat the everyday meals which becomes monotonous, also, most of us tend to eat more when we are depressed or unhappy.Every little action of ours, reflects the state of our mind in some way or the other.

One way of curbing our sweet tendencies is by never buying and hoarding sweets at home. There is nothing wrong in eating sweets or pastries once in a while.But when we have it every day after every meal , it tends to add up and at some stage it is going to become problematic and reflects on our health both physical and mental.

There is no need to curtail something altogether, instead it is better to limit ourselves by being careful.When we do let ourselves go, like for instance during festivals and celebrations , we need to be extra careful later on by being strict about our diet.

Looking for other healthier alternatives

Most people like to eat some sweet dish after a meal. Instead of eating cream and sugar filled pastries and desserts it is better to have either a piece of candy sugar , paan masala or mints or fruits .
It is also a better option to eat the above rather than eat all those calorie filled heavy desserts and sweetmeats.
Eating fruits after a meal is the best option.Fruits are very good for us.One can eat any amount of fruits and vegetables at any time of the day without having any bad effects.In fact eating some fruits with yogurt and honey after a meal has many healthy benefits also the added benefit of having cut down on those extra calories by eating pastries and sweets.

There are some people who like to eat sweets before a meal and their argument is that they will automatically eat less and that it balances out !This may be true to a certain extent since sweets fill you up and you eat less.

We need to control the urge to over indulge especially when we have a sweet tooth, lucky are those who dont care for sweets, they need not worry at all.

A better option is to eat jaggery instead of sugar , which is very good for health with hardly any side effects.In fact eating a piece of jaggery after lunch or dinner may not be a bad idea since it takes care of our craving for sweets without having any adverse effect on our health .It is also supposed to be very rich in iron and good for ladies.

Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 03/21/2012    Points:4    

I have the habit of craving sweets after the meal. Sugar cravings often strike after a meal, despite feelings of fullness. Habits, brain chemistry and your diet's makeup cause you to crave sweets. Craving sweets after a meal is a common occurrence and can be very bothersome to those trying to lose or maintain weight, or reduce their overall sugar intake. Sugar cravings are a real problem for many of us. They can cause much frustration as well as feelings of low self-worth as we give in to those cravings.
Author: Paulose        
Posted Date: 03/23/2012    Points:1    

Sweet article with exceptionally sweet pictures. Thank you Usha. My sweet wishes.
Author: Suny        
Posted Date: 03/26/2012    Points:2    

I like this article for two different reasons, first this has lots of nice photos which I could not upload in my article. The other is that this is really a nice information.
Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 07/14/2012    Points:2    

Thanks a lot Joina,Paulose, Suny for all the feedbacks and comments.There is no problem in giving into our cravings once in a while as long as we dont over indulge.After all every food item has its nutritive value and within limits they all help our system !

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