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Winter Soup For Mental Health

March 20, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Health    Views: 794

Winter is the testing time for mind. Winter brings gloom and sluggishness with it. Winter depression leads to many complications of physical and mental health.


Winter affects mental health in many ways. Most of the people, living in cold countries, suffer from seasonal affective disorder(SAD). They experience depression which occurs repeatedly at the same time of year. Usually winter is the most acute time of this condition, though it may also affect some in the fall and spring. People feel lethargic and are unable to move outside freely. The weather in winter makes many people feel sad, tired, anxious and irritated. They are unable to concentrate on any work. They try to avoid friends and doing social activities.

How does winter affect mental health?

1) The low temperature in winter challenges immunity system of the body, brings about unwanted visitors such as viruses and germs, and causes diseases. When the temperature is below zero degree, the weather affects one’s physical and mental health greatly.

2) The inclement weather of winter is not suitable for outdoor activities. Frigid temperature makes people less active since they are without any outdoor work or sports activity. People are kept indoors, in airtight compartments, increasing the possibility of rapid spread of virus. Winter weather weakens the natural immune system, making the body more susceptible to illnesses.

3) Weakness in immunization affects brain and emotions which leads to depression and pessimistic feelings of hopelessness. Statistics say that mental depression is one of the important reasons of suicide.

Soups refresh and promote immunization

Soups are always healthy. The hectic modern urban life of computer era has almost forgotten the value of soup, allured by TV dinners and fast food habits. Soup is called the queen of foods. It is the healthiest and most convenient food, suitable for the winter days. It nourishes and protects health. Soup is assimilated easily into the body.

How can soup protect mental health?

1) Soup provides a balanced immune system and causes a good response when the body is in danger of infection. Ancient medical systems have given much importance to soup to cure diseases and to build up body cells.

2) Soups are not only delicious but are also comforting with warmth in the winter. They refresh mind with an improved energy. There are many types of soups that activate the brain cells and provide refreshment.

3) Hot soup is a good ally in the cold winter season. Whether the stock for the soup is vegetable or chicken, or any other thing, it gives a significant amount of protein to the body. When warm soup is drunk, it helps to maintain the body temperature high to resist the outside cold.

4) Onion, garlic, ginger, celery, culinary herbs, and other things can be added to soups, making a soup tasty and flavorful. They contain nutrients and antibodies to increase the immunity power and refresh brain. Vegetables, seasoned with spices, can give a lot of vitamins and fibers much needed to regulate body systems.

5) Protein, provided by soup, is very important in winter because it maintains the optimal body weight and provides heat in the cold weather.

Drinking warm soup in winter is very healthy to keep the brain active. It can refresh and boost the energies of body and mind.


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