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Equations of motion in rotational translational motions of an object

March 22, 2012  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 10   Category: Others    Views: 667

In physics, for translational motion and rotational motion of an object has analogus in kinematics relations. So, see that relations in rotational kinematics in this article.


What is translatory motion?
A motion of an object which have velocity, acceleration and time as their common characterstics of the moving object is called translatory motion. In translatory motion the following equations of motion hold good.

What is rotational motion?
A motion of an object which have angular velocity, angular acceleration and time as their common characterstics of the moving object is called rotational motion. In rotational motion the following equations of motion hold good.

The above relations are similar but terms are different in the equations.
The following one is problem on rotational motion to understand the concept of rotational kinematics.


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