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March 23, 2012  by: Mathi  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.35   Views: 854

This is particularly good for ladies as it helps trouble free child birth.



(Forward Bending Posture)

How to do it ?

Step by step postures.

Stand erect.

Let the hands hand closely by the sides.

Keep the heels close and toes touching each other lightly.

Bend the upper part of the body slowly keeping head foremost,but without bending the knees.

Bend yourself slowly lower until you can touch the toes with the fingers.

Further you may proceed gradually to touch the ground with your fingers.

After a little practice, one will be able to bury the face

between the knees and keep the palms firmly on the floor.

Remain in this posture for five seconds and slowly assume the standing position.

Repeat this posture four or five times.

How to synchronize breath ?

Exhale while you are bending the body down.

Outer rendition when you remain in the posture keeping the palms firm on the floor.

Inhale when the body is raised.

What are its benefits?

The spine becomes supple and is lengthened.

It is a good posture for increasing your height.

The adipose tissue on the abdomen will disappear.

The body is rendered light.

It purifies and strengthens the spinal chord.

You will feel much invigorated after this Asana.

This asana helps free passage of Apana Vayu downwards.

The Sushumana Nadi is purified and strengthened.

Removes fat. particularly if done dynamically.

Eliminates flatulence,constipation and indigestion.

Influences the sexual and generative organs.

Removing sexual ailments and preparing for a trouble free child birth.

Improves the elimination of waste matter from the body and so reduces the

likelihood of the occurrence of disease.

Directs a good flow of blood to the brain and facial organs.

This is a very useful asana that can be practiced at any time of the day.

On what aspect to have auto-suggestion.

Since it is one of the effective asanas to increase height.

Those who wish to increase height may repeat as follows while performing this asana.

My height is increasing

Increase of height is very difficult after the age of 21.

Therefore this auto suggestion is very useful for those below the age of 21.

Ladies who wish to reduce fat and develop a graceful figure may repeat as follows.

The fat in my body is getting reduced and I am developing a
graceful figure.

To whom is it suitable.

This asana is suitable to all.

This is particularly good for ladies as it helps trouble free child birth.

Are there any precautions?

While performing this asana, the legs should not be bent.

Author: Suny        
Posted Date: 03/26/2012        

Nice tips, nice article. I liked it.

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