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Must have information on internal bleeding.

March 24, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.75   Views: 754

In this article, I have expalined about internal bleeding and given important first-aid tips for the same. I have also explained about external bleeding, reasons for internal bleeding, symptoms of internal bleeding, first-aid for bleeding, conclusion on internal bleeding etc.


What is internal bleeding?

Bleeding could occur either because of an injury or because of the breakage of veins, arteries and capillaries inside the body. Bleeding could be external or internal as the case may be. But internal bleeding is a matter of big concern in comparison to external bleeding. External bleeding is seen from outside and therefore it is very easy to locate the area or find out about the place of bleeding. Internal bleeding is very difficult to recognize as it is not seen from outside. Generally, a patient may bleed for a long before finally it gets noticed. When an organ stops functioning properly due to the clotting of blood then the symptoms of internal bleeding could be noticed. Internal bleeding could occur in the chest, head or in the lower abdomen of the body. Sometimes, due to an injury internal bleeding could occur.

Reasons for internal bleeding

Internal bleeding occurs due to the damage of the artery, veins and capillaries inside the body. The amount of bleeding depends upon the level of damage of the affected organ of the body. Sometimes internal bleeding could occur because of a severe cut from any sharp instruments. Sometimes it happens because of an accident. It can also happen while playing sports and games. Generally, when one falls and hurts oneself it could occur. Though one main reason of internal bleeding is the increase in the blood pressure above normal. Internal bleeding could also occur because of side effects of certain medicines or because of the consumption of alcohol over a long period of time.

Symptoms of Internal bleeding

There are many symptoms of external and internal bleeding which could be noticed. Generally the symptoms of internal bleeding depends upon the place of bleeding, quantity of bleeding and what organ of the body is related with the bleeding. However, the following symptoms are generally noticed in a patience who goes through excess bleeding:

*. Bleeding from a cut under the skin

*. Because of a cut the patience becomes unconscious and becomes pale and thin

*. Skin becomes cold and turn pale

*. Beating of the pulse increases

*. Bleeding deep within the muscles

*. Vomiting and blood in the urine

*. Bruising and swelling

*. Frequent and excessive thirst

*. Weak and rapid pulse

*. Terrible headache

First-aid for bleeding

Bleeding results in the losing of blood from the human body therefore with the help of first-aid some of the problems could be eased out. The main aim of the first-aid treatment is to take some immediate and necessary action. This is important because in such a situation it is common that there is no hospital or nursing home nearby. First-aid is necessary for prompt treatment and to stop the flow of blood from the body. Here are some important steps given to treat a patience who is going through excess bleeding:

1. First make the patient lay down on a flat ground or on a bed. Lay the patient in a way so that he is comfortable and the lower portion of the body remains elevated. To do so place some pillows under the legs.

2. Take a piece of cotton and place it over the bleeding area of the body. Hold the cotton for sometime on the area of the bleeding till the bleeding stops completely.

3. If the bleeding does not stop, put some more cotton over the area of cut or bruise. Make sure not to remove the old cotton and put some more cotton over it. When the bleeding stops completely wash the wound with an antiseptic.

4. Do not put much pressure holding the cotton bandage but make it sure to hold it tightly.

5. Care should also be taken so that the patient does not get tensed and confused. Try to keep the patient calm and avoid excess movement.

6. People think of using hot or cold water could solve the problem. One needs to keep in mind that using a hot water bags and ice bags should not be used to comfort the patient. This creates unnecessary problems for the patients. This can only be used in small bruises to get relief from pain and swelling.

7. If possible record the patient''s pulse and breathing rates. This would come handy to the doctors later while determining the severity of the injury.

8. It is recommended not to give the patient anything for eating because sometimes surgeries are required to be done by the doctors to stop internal bleeding.

9. Since, it is not understood how much blood is lost therefore it is essential to keep a close look at the patient. Get an ambulance and take him to a hospital before the condition worsens.

Conclusion on internal bleeding

It is very difficult for an untrained person to give first-aid and maintain other precautions while helping out a patient who is suffering from internal bleeding. However, you can try these steps as mentioned above to ease out the patient before finally moving him to a hospital or a nursing home. Since, internal bleeding is very hard to recognize by a normal person, it would be advisable to follow these first-aid steps which could also be used in case of external bleeding. These steps would be more than handy to relieve the patient for sometime before he is finally taken to a hospital and get medical treatment. It is important to mention here that internal bleeding could even cost a patient''s life if it is left untreated for a long time. Since bleeding is related with the loss of blood from the human body therefore one must try to stop the bleeding first by giving proper first-aid to the patient. Excess bleeding may cost a patient''s life therefore bleeding needs to be stopped immediately and then the patient should be taken to the hospital without any delay.

Author: Ankit Neerav        
Posted Date: 03/25/2012    Points:2    

Very educative article and practical information given by the author here. First aid tips for internal bleeding given here are also essential for everybody to know.
Author: Suny        
Posted Date: 03/26/2012    Points:1    

Very true and knowledgeable post. Every point is clear.

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