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Add description (Meta tags) for your blog and post in Blogger

March 27, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Blogging  Earning $0.40   Views: 930

Learn how to add description for your blog and posts in blogger. Helpful tips for getting more traffic on your Blogger blog.


Many people are using Google’s Blogging service. Recently Google have made lots of good changes for the blogger users. Now they can add their blog description and every posts description directly from available feature. Isn’t it great? It’s just like adding Meta tags for our blog and posts directly. By this way search engines can easily find out our blogs with those details. It is good news for every bloggers.

Let’s see in details that how we can do it.

Add description for whole blog:

Here is step by step procedure to add description in your blog.

-First go on blogger site and login into your account.
-From the dashboard, just click on the settings of the blog in which you want to add the description.
-Then click on Search preferences from the settings.
-Now you will get the option of adding Description below Meta tags option.

-Just click on edit and add proper description about your blog which is suitable for your blog and which will be shown in search engine.

That’s it. Now your blog will be shown in search engine with the description you have written.

Add description for your posts:

Note : You will only get the option for adding post description when you enable the description of that total blog from above method.

As we have added description for overall blog above, similarly we can add such description for every post too in that blog. This option is also good and it can allow visitors to find your post through search engines more easily. So it is like double benefit. Let’s see step by step procedure for this thing also.

-From the dashboard, go to the post lists of your blog.
-Now click on edit of particular post in which you want to add description.
-Now you will able to see Search Description on that page on the right side under post settings . (You will only see this option if you have enabled the search description for that main blog as I explained above.)

-Just add the proper description in that section related to your post.
-Update the blog after you complete all above step.

That’s it. This will add the description for that post. This description will be available when visitors get that post on search engine. You can repeat above steps to insert description in other posts too.

So this is it. The above procedures will surely help you to increase the traffic on blog from the search engine directly. With this blogger surely have improved and move ahead in the competition with other blogging services. I am sure other service provider also thinks about such option. Or maybe they have already. Hope it will be helpful to you.


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