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Why should go for Opera Browser?

March 30, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Software  Earning $0.60   Views: 581

Opera Browser is having some good and unique features which makes it better. Read them here.


People have just reduced their work on Internet Explorer browser. People are using different browsers because they are getting good and unique features in them. From these browsers, I like Opera browser. This is not that famous among the people but personally I like it because of its good features. Let’s talk about them.

Opera Turbo : Let’s start with its turbo feature. This feature is the best one for those who are using slow Internet. It opens all the web pages by compressing them so that we feel like that our internet speed suddenly increased and pages will be load faster. This feature also decreases the quality of images on the web so that it loads fast. But there option in it by which we can see the image with original quality too. So for slower internet connection it works perfectly. Users will get great speed for surfing using this option.

Speed Dial : The next option I like in this browser is speed dial. It is behave just like its name. As we get the speed dial option in our mobile phone, this feature works exactly. This browser opens with tabs in home screen on which we can set our favorite web pages, so that we can open them more easily without typing its name. This tabs show our set web pages with thumbnails so that we can recognize those pages more easily. It is better and upgraded version of bookmarking our favorite web pages.

Downloading : This is the option which I like most in it. In download section we get the option of stopping and resuming downloads. You will think that what is new in it? But in compare of other browsers this browser is having more good option for this. With other browsers not all downloads we can stop and resume, but with this one we can stop and resume mostly all downloads, which can be very useful for those who are downloading lots of stuffs from the internet.

Opera Mail : Opera also offering mailing system to their users which is providing easy way of communication through mails. You can directly turn your browser into a communication tool which is the good and unique option provided by this browser.

I liked this option because we can even read our mails when we are offline. Yes, this browser receives the mails when we are online and store it on our hard-disk so that we can read them later during offline mode too and we can reply back them when we be online again.

Opera Unite : This is a new option by them. And it is just like attaching two computers together. Means it make the communication between two devices more easy and simple. In this section they have given many good applications which can be really useful for us.

Opera Link : This is another good feature from the Opera browser. With this feature, we can use our browser information on any computer. I mean we can use our opera bookmarks, speed dial screen, passwords and many other things on any computer. It just stores all our information and makes it available on any computer on Opera browser. So it is surely a useful feature. We can feel same browse experience on any computer with this option.

So this is it. Because of these features I am using opera browser and continue using it. They keep giving new features related to surfing internet and that’s why I like it more. I think you should have it too.

Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 03/31/2012    Points:3    

This is a very good article on the opera browser. The gives here sufficient explanation why we should stick with the opera browser. The excellent features of the browser has been one of the reason for its enormous success and popularity. The author presented his thoughts very aptly and it is self explanatory.
Author: naruto        
Posted Date: 07/05/2012    Points:2    

Thanks.. Yes opera is having quite unique and important features, which is still missing on other browsers. So it is surely worthy to have on our computer system. Thanks Ajay. ;)

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