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March 30, 2012  by: deepakp118  Points: 12   Category: Environment  Earning $0.45   Views: 3110

Read all about deforestation the problem caused by every humans and nations in the world.You can also read about the causes and effects of deforestation.


What is deforestation?
Deforestation is the cutting down of trees and large scale clearing of forests in an area. it is one of the deadly dangerous problem face in this twenty first century. This problem is widely spread around the globe. Trees are important to us both domestically and economically. This need for trees resulted in deforestation.

Causes of deforestation:
We can point out many reasons which cause deforestation. Some of these are:-
1.Increase in the population level: population level has raised a lot in the last few decades. This population rise has caused a large scale cutting of trees and led to decrease in the forest area. Every individual requires a lot of facilities which increased the number of buildings, houses and plots. This is one of the deadliest causes which may rise in the coming years.

2.Fuels and other resources: Wood and trees can be used as a fuel. Mainly in rural areas where other resources are not available people cut down trees and this causes deforestation in a large scale.

3.Agriculture: Agriculture has a major impact on deforestation. More and more land are cleared mainly for agricultural purposes which include mainly forested areas.

The Effects of deforestation:
Deforestation affects our planet the earth in a variety of ways they are they causes climatic changes and loss our biodiversity. Now let us take look at these problems in detail.
1.Climatic changes: deforestation adds green house gases in the environment which is harmful. Green house gases trap the sun’s heat which in turn makes the earth hotter and change the climate across the planet. This is called global warming. To remove green house gases from the atmosphere more and more trees need to be planted. Also if the trees are destroyed the causes floods and other problems.

2.Loss of Biodiversity: Biodiversity is a place where all kinds of biotic as well as non biotic factors in one place. If more and more trees are cut the entire plant species may get wiped out. Moreover the people living in the forested area the tribal’s who are dependent on the forest resources may be worst affected. They do not have any other resource to depend thus their survival may possess some problems.

We humans should take various steps to tackle this problem. So let’s hope that a day may come and prosper in our life where the deforestation is no longer disturbing our lives.

Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 03/31/2012    Points:2    

You have raised a very good concern through this article. Really deforestation is showing its affect on us and has been responsible for drastic climatic changes and extinction of certain rare species. A very well presented article by the author.

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