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Use Social sites for advertising

March 31, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Money Market  Earning $0.50   Views: 885

Don't just use social sites for your fun. You can get huge benefit for your online business with them.


Advertising has been became a leading business on the Internet now. People are making lots of money from this advertising concept by different ways. To sell anything advertising is quite important. Without advertising you will not get the visitors for your site which will make it just meaningless. So always use the proper advertising for your site and product which can make profit for you.

There are many paid advertising ways available like Google adword, which is good way of getting traffic. But we are also having some good and free options from which we can really generate good traffic for our site. And the most easy and effective way of free advertising and getting traffic is Social sites. Yes via social networking sites you can really get the huge traffic. And yes it's totally free too. Why not to take advantage of our friends on such social sites, they can be most effective traffic for our content. Isn't it? Now let's talk about few social sites where we can advertise our sites.


: Twitter is the most famous site where we can put our regular updates among our friends and all over the world. This is the best option if we need to promote something new. Here many people used to share their work with their friends and getting huge benefit from this site.

You can also make twitter page for it. I mean if you are having business or any site, then you should surely make a twitter page for that. By this, interested people can join your twitter page and can get updates from you daily. Don't miss this great option.


: I don't need to tell about this site, because it is already very famous in all over the world. People using it to stay connected with their family and friends. So why not use it for promoting something? With the help of facebook you can advertise anything to your friends and family which can give you good traffic for your site. Take benefits of your friends list.
You can also make fanpage for your site or business just like twitter page. So with that interested people can follow your updates more easily. Inserting our sites or business on such big community sites is always important and helpful.


: If you don't know about this site then surely you are missing a good stuff. This site is specially designed for advertising interesting stuff. In this site we can submit different links with the description and proper category, so that interested people can go to the particular category and view your content. It is also like community sites, where you can make friends. More friends means more traffic is obvious. People use to digg the links they like, so if our content is good then we can get more diggs for it and more diggs means we can get more traffic. This site is also having news room for different category. So if we are having something new and latest then we can put that thing in these news rooms so that people can get it more easily and you can get good traffic for your link.

Stumble Upon

: This is the same concept like digg. People used to insert their links with the proper category and the description. Now on this site people used to visit pages of different category as per their interest. Now if our content is quality based, then it is possible that we can have huge traffic for this site. It is also having followers system. More followers mean we can have more traffic. So be active and you can have more followers easily.


: I don't know how many of you have heard about this site. But this is really cool sites for promoting our business. There are many cool features available on this site using which we can get really good visitors for our site and business. This is the idle place for online business advertising which is specially created for advertising purpose.

You can create your business page on it.
You can use advertising credits for advertising your site.
You can create revpages where you can put your link with the detailed description.
You can share your things there.

Not only these, there are also many other good features. So this is the perfect site for advertising our content. Here you can make friendship with the people which all are interested in online business.

So this is it. Internet is full with such sites, but I have already explained about few famous one. So don't use such social sites just for communication and your fun. You can also use it for your business and money making purpose. Hope you will found them useful.

Author: Ankit Neerav        
Posted Date: 04/02/2012    Points:2    

Nice article. Thanks for sharing it here. I wanted to know if there are softwares that automate social book marking and if you have used any, please share your experience.
Author: naruto        
Posted Date: 07/05/2012    Points:2    

Hello Ankit.. No so far I have never used any kind of software.. I guess you are asking about software from which we can handle all social sites together. Yes there are few software like that, but I have no information about it as I have never used them. I am using this social sites directly.

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