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The Paper and Pencil method- A proven technique to improve concentration.

April 01, 2012  by: Ankit Neerav  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 1349

This is a very effective method to improve concentration for students and individuals working in all fields.


- Introduction.

Are you a student or a person working in the literary field or a field where your work involves study of books on a regular basis? Have you ever found your mind wandering away to some other topic and then you suddenly realize you have not been concentrating on the reading? There is a great method to get rid of this habit and create an excellent power of concentration. You will not find it anywhere else on the internet although it is gaining popularity at a rapid pace. This is from a discussion with an expert on this topic. It is a very simple method and requires only a pencil and paper and regular practice.

- The Pencil and Paper Technique.

The first thing about this method, that you should know is that it will only be effective if you believe in its effectiveness and do as required with faith and strict regularity. So if you are ready to do both of these, here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1 : Get the stationery - Every time you sit down to study, make sure you have a blank white sheet of paper, preferably of A4 size and a dark pencil, an HB pencil will do. When I mention blank white sheets of paper or a dark pencil, please get specifically those. Do not substitue them with any other pen or notebook etc.

Step 2 : Putting ticks on the paper- Now this is the most important part. Keep the paper and pencil at the side of your book on your table, whenever you are studying. Every time your mind begin to wonder about something else and you realize that you should be studying, pick up the pencil and put a dark tick mark on the paper and keep them back. Now get back to studying and place a tick mark each time this happens. Place your ticks one below the other in a row.

Step 3 : Repeat, repeat, repeat! - It is extremely essential to repeat this whole process over and over again. Do not be lazy and skip it even a single time you need to study. Like it is mentioned at the start, have faith. You will get your results.

Step 4 : Be honest to yourself- You never have to show these papers to anyone or share your number of ticks with another person. Nobody is going to judge you. So please be honest to yourself and place a tick every single time your concentration flounders. Do not skip placing the tick even if it happens for a few seconds.

Step 5 : Decreasing ticks- As you do it daily the total number of ticks begin to decrease slowly with every session that you sit down to study. You should also make a conscious effort to make them decrease and remain honest at the same time. Do not get disheartened if this does not happen in a couple of days. Have patience and you reap the benefits. Also give yourself small rewards for significant improvements. This will help keep you motivated and achieve goals sooner.

The Result : If you follow each step sincerely with full faith and strictness, you will experience significant improvements in your concentration within 2 weeks itself. In one month, you will have razor-sharp concentration, guarranteed!

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