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Important tips to write good articles

April 01, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Blogging  Earning $1.00   Views: 1294

This article gives complete and up-to-date tips about how to write good articles. Important tips like choosing a proper title, writing a good summary, introduction of an article, body of an article, bullets and number lists, keywords, adding tags, proofreading of articles etc are given. Moreover, some other important tips proper uses of comma, periods and idle lenght of article is covered in this topic.


Introduction on writing articles

I do come across young aspiring authors who find it difficult to understand what a good article writing is all about. I have even heard some of them saying that they struggle because they do not have sound knowledge of English. But writing good articles solely does not depend of this factor itself. It matters to a certain extent only. The catch is that even those who does not have the good mastery over the language could write good articles. To tell you the truth, writing well and effective articles depend on factors like presenting your thoughts and ideas clearly. Besides, you article should be precise relevant to the topic which will help the readers to understand the theme of your article. A good article starts with a cracking introduction and continues with the idea and relevant information till the end. Here, I am giving some basic tips on how to write good articles with a better presentation, which are as given below:

Choose a proper title

An article title is what matters the most. It determines the ultimate fate of your article. No matter how well you have written your content if it not able to draw the attention of people online it fails in its objective. Hence, you have to give a better title to your article. A good title is one that creates enough interest among the readers and gets them to go through your article. The best way to choose a proper title for your article is when you complete your article and have the good idea about it. It is an important to keep your titles short but to the point so that your readers understand it quickly. If you still have the confusion about choosing a proper title, go through the article once again. It will help you to find an attractive title for your article.

Write a short summary

Write a short summary for your articles. The summary of an article describes about your article very briefly. In fact, this is what is displayed in the search engines under the title link of the search of the search engine pages. You need to write two short sentences which better describes your article. If you could write three it is best. The summary of the article tells the readers briefly what your article is all about.

Introduction of an article

This is the first part of your article and it has its own relevance. In fact, it is the deciding factor whether your article is going to be read or left as it is. When a reader clicks an article online, the first few lines of the introduction part of an article determines whether he is going to read the full article or move away from it. Therefore, it is important from your part to be interesting and catchy in the first few sentences to hold the reader''s interest.

Body of an article

This is where you write your detailed information. It is important to divide your writing into different paragraphs with suitable headings. Make sure to write about only one idea per paragraph. You need to be careful not to use big sentences in your paragraph. An ideal sentence should be of one line and sometimes one and a half line only. Moreover, use simple sentences throughout the paragraphs.


Keywords help search engines to rank your articles. Though you should not use keywords in excess otherwise it will be considered as spam by search engines. The number of keywords one could use depends on the volume of the article. Ideally, one should use four to five keywords per article. Good authors use such keywords which are more likely to bring traffic to their sites. Make sure to bold the keywords which you use in your article.

Bullets and numbers lists

Use bullets and number lists in the body of your article together with paragraphs if your information is short and to the point. Bullets and number lists are very useful to represent your idea concisely. With the usage of bullet and number list your article become more readable to the readers as they convey to the point explanation about things.

Add tags

After your article is complete, add suitable tags to it. Tags are like keywords which help your article to get indexed in search engines. You should use relevant tags based on your article. A tag can be from one to three words separated by commas and a maximum of ten per article.

Proofread your article

This is the most important of all. Once you complete your article, make it sure to proofread it by yourself or take the help of others. Errors and mistakes will move away traffic from your pages. Hence, you need to find out the typo mistakes, spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, etc before you finally submit your article in the online directory. It is advisable to take a short break and then come back with a fresh mind to check for your errors. Make sure too remove the unnecessary and irrelevant words and phrases from your article. Once you are done with proofreading you can submit your article.

Some other important things to take care of:

commas: Avoid using more than one comma in a sentence. Using more than one comma in a sentence makes the sentence complex and difficult to understand.

Period and spacing: Make sure to give one space after a period and then continue with your writing. Similarly, it is also important to hit the enter key twice or leave a line before starting new paragraphs.

Use either I or We: It is important to stick around throughout the article with either I or We and do not switch in between. For example, if you have started writing your article using I do not switch over to We and vice-verse

length of an ideal article: An ideal article should be at least of 300 words. It is essential to convey some important message and information to the readers through your article. But, if you are a starter in online content writing, then you can initially start from 250 words and gradually increase it in the due course of time. Wish you all the best for your new found hobby of content writing!

Author: Ankit Neerav        
Posted Date: 04/02/2012    Points:2    

This is a great article with really useful tips, but i am really disheartened to find grammatical errors in this very article! And there are more than just one. EK does need some serious quality-control.
Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 04/04/2012    Points:2    

Excellent article with very useful tips. If we follow this steps, we can write and submit quality articles. Thank you for presenting this tips for us here.
Author: Sarika        
Posted Date: 04/18/2012    Points:1    

Thank you very much for such valuable information. It is a very nice and well written article. After reading it I realised that I have lot to improve.

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