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Green Chilly,Tasty healthy vegetable

April 01, 2012  by: anil gupta  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.30   Views: 902

Chilly is an important spices. After salt chilly is important indigents of food in Asia. Chilly is a fruit of capsicum family tree. It is member of solvencies family.


Chilly is an important spices. After salt chilly is important indigents of food in Asia. Chilly is a fruit of capsicum family tree. It is member of solvencies family. Its plants are shrub according to botanical science. It used as spices, vegetables and salad.
Its native place is South America. Now it is grow and used in preparing delicious foods in whole world.
Before some time “Bhoot-Jo-Lokhia is bitter most chilly in the world. It is grow in eastern region of India. It is also used in tear bombs. Now this chilly has been replaced by another chilly in UK which is the most bitter chilly found anywhere. The name is “Infinity” and these Measures mouth-burning @ 1.17 million on the Sackville Scale. Which can makes a man lose his sense of talking? Therefore is suggested to eat by the grower himself. So never try to taste this variety of chilly. It may be harmful for your health

Chilly and health
Chilly is spices but it also medicine as well. It is good source of vitamin C. Chilly enrich memory and helpful in preventing scurvy disease. It is also helpful in controlling high blood pressure and reducing stress. Chilly also help us in losing weight. Chilly have the copper, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin B6. These all are useful for human body.

Chilly and taste

Most common use of chilly is powder of red chili. Here are some recipes of green chilly. If you want to enjoy different tastes of green chilly try these.
1. Wash chilly properly and cut it 90% from the middle. Spread salt and mustard seeds. Fill up in a jar, dip these in lemon juice. Keep it one day in sun light use it with your meal.
2. Take some green chilies. After washing these properly, cut these 90% from the middle. Spread some salt and lemon juice. Dry this properly in sun light. Keep these in air tight Jar. When you will want to eat these fry these and enjoy crispy green chilly.
3. Pickles name is enough to bring water in mouth. Red chilly is best ne for pickles. Take some red chilies. Wash these properly. Cut it 90% from the middle. Remove seeds from these. Fill-up pickles spices in these. Keep these in net and clean jar. Keep it 2 -3 days in sunlight. Add some mustered oil. Mouth-watering tasty pickle is ready to use,
4. Shimla chilly or sweet chilly commonly use as vegetable. Stuff Shimla chilly is very tasty vegetable. It is also used in Pizza, chow mine etc.
5. In India green chilly also used to make snacks “ Pakora”, or “Mirchi Bada”. To make Mirch Bada, take some big green chilly. Now you have to boil these for 5 minutes. Remove seeds from it. Mess some boiled potato. Add spices in potatoes. Fill up these in chilly.
Take some gram flour. Add spices and water in it and make thick paste. Dip and cover Chilly with it, and deep fry in cooking oil. Enjoy these with green or red sauce.

Author: deepa        
Posted Date: 04/28/2012        

you made my mouth water, good post.

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