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Avoid Late Sleeping Problem

April 04, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.20   Views: 747

If you are facing late sleeping problem then you must read this. Very useful and interesting tips.


Getting up early in the morning is quite important. Whenever we wake up early in the morning we feel that we are having more daytime and we can complete lots of important work in extra time. I was used to wake up early in the morning in the past. I think it is a good habit and important too. But unfortunately I am not following the same habit now and getting up very late in the morning. Due to that I am not getting proper time for morning work like exercising and other, and I directly go to office after getting ready. I guess my habit is changed and now I having this habit of getting up late in the morning.

Now I am trying to get that habit back in my life. But after we adopt some habit, it is really hard to change it again. And also it is very hard get the good habit back after leaving it. Now I wanting to wake up early in the morning but because of my bad habit, I am sleeping late in the night and because of that I cannot wake up early in the morning and because of same I am sleeping late in next day also. So it is like a cycle. I have asked about this problem to my friends, and I got many related ideas for this thing. Some of them are funny and some of them are very interesting. I would like to share them here. So if you are having the same problem and if you want to solve it too then this idea can be helpful to you. ;)

Tips for sleeping early in the night:

Take warm Milk : If you aren’t feeling sleep early at the night then you can have warm milk which can help you to sleep early in the night. A cup of warm milk can make you relax and help you to sleep early in the night.

Count in reverse : Some people suggest me to do reverse counting. Means start with 100 and till you reach to 1 in reverse counting you can feel sleepy. Never tried something like this, but yes it can be helpful, who knows.

Taking Herbal Tea : This is something unique and new for me. I never heard about it before. But one of friend suggests me that we should go for herbal Tea at night which can make us feels sleepy.

Reading Boring Book : I am worse in reading. But this is the good suggestion. We can read the books which are not our interest related. By this way we will feel boring soon enough and can feel sleepy soon as it is not our interest related.

Play Mobile Games : He he.. This is working me for sure. Whenever I play game on my bed at night, my eyes start feeling heavy very soon. And with that we can sleep easily. Actually playing game will increase the pressure on our eye and this will make us feel sleepy at the night specially. This is my personal opinion and working for me greatly. Actually it is not about only playing game. You can also do any other work on your mobile like surfing. This will give the same effect.

Go for some Music : This is also a good tip. If you aren’t sleeping sleepy earlier then take your mobile phone or mp3 player and start hearing your favorite songs. Soon you will start feeling sleepy. Music can surely make you relax and can help you to forget your all tension. Just keep in mind that you use your head phone so that you don’t disturbs others sleep. Ha ha.

Exercising : Exercising is the good option. By this our body by default feel tired and we can sleep early in the night. It depends when you are exercising. You can do heavy exercise in the morning and take a light walking at night after taking dinner. This much should be enough. If some day you already have lots of physical stress then no needs of exercising on that day, because that hard work is quite enough to feel you tired at night and make you sleep.

Eat less Food at night : This is quite basic and simple. Eating more food in the dinner can surely disturb your sleep in the night as you will feel uncomfortable after more eating. You will feel more heating because of the same. So better we go for the light food tonight so that we can have good and undisturbed sleep. This is surely an important thing; everybody should keep it in mind.

Be relaxed and forgot all the Tensions : Many people used to think about their daily things at the night. Never do this thing. This can affect your sleep. Try to be calm and relaxed at the night. Forget all your tensions as you need a fresh start on the next morning. This will give you good and early sleep. Just keep your mind cool and free.

Never go for sleeping tablets : Unless any doctor as suggested you for it, you should never use sleeping tablets by your own. I have read somewhere that sleeping tablet is not good for health and can reduce your life span. I don’t know how much truth in it. But better be caution, and avoid the tablets. We are having many natural ways for the same thing, so better follow them instead of those tablets.

So this is it. You can go for any tip I mentioned above. You can try out multiple too if you any one not working for you. It is not like all of them will work for you effectively as different people have different situation. So try out all of them and see which one is working best for you. I hope some of these will work out for you with the best results.

I hope you liked this information. If you having any more tips then you can sure share them by commenting below. I would like to get more information about this.

Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 04/05/2012    Points:3    

Really I like your tips for sleeping early in night. I always have the habit of go to bed very late at night. Yesterday, I slept at 3 a.m. So I could not get up early in the morning and send my child to school and my husband to office in time. I am going to follow your tips to solve this problem. Anyway, thank to submit this article here.
Author: naruto        
Posted Date: 07/05/2012    Points:2    

Even I was having the same habit of late sleeping.. But now some of these tips already helped me.. so yes they are good. You can try out too to get good results. Have fun ;)

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