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How to improve concentration naturally?

April 04, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $2.00   Views: 1225

This article gives complete and up-to-date information how to improve concentration naturally. It will also brief you about what is concentration, reasons for lack of concentration like lacking in goals, interest, motivation etc. Besides, some powerful tips like doing one thing at a time, dividing your work, meditation, getting rid of weary thoughts, concentration exercises etc are also included in this article.


What is concentration?

Concentration is a state of mind in which you try to focus or concentrate on a particular thing or activity, which you are doing. It is a way through which your total attention is engrossed in doing one particular act.

Reasons for lack of concentration

Sometimes, you cannot concentrate on a particular thing or activity which you are doing. This happens because your mind is constantly roving on different thoughts. Though you remain physically present but mentally you are somewhere else. Very often you are unaware about it and when you again try to concentrate on your subject of importance, you find yourself nowhere. Now, let me brief you with some important reasons for the lack of concentration:

1. Lack of interest: Normally, lack of concentration occurs when you take less interest in your subject or topic and activity. It is quite normal that the things which are less important to you or which does not generate much curiosity from your get less concentration from your side.

2. Lack of motivation: Another reason for lack of concentration is the lack of motivation from your side. Certain things or activities which does not propel you for active participations get less concentration from your side. However, if you try hard to build on your motivation somehow then certainly things become much easier for you.

3. Lack of goal or aim: When certain questions like why you are doing a particular, what you are going to achieve by doing that particular thing etc are not clear to you it becomes very difficult to concentrate from your side. Hence, any task or activity which have an ultimate goal is very likely to demand your attention which otherwise would not. Therefore, it would be advisable from your side to give enough reasons to yourself so that it becomes that much easier for you to concentrate.

4. Too much work load: This reason is also justified because you can concentrate on a particular activity or object for certain extent only according to your capacity. The moment you cross this limit, it will become that much harder for you to concentrate. Hence, you need to keep this factor in your mind before you put too much pressure on yourself to concentrate. Alternately, you can take the necessary breaks so that you can regenerate the positive energy of your mind and concentrate harder next time.

5. Fear of failure: Finally, this reason has been approved by researchers also as the main reason for lack of concentration. Researchers have proved that most people cannot concentrate harder because they have the alley of fears in their mind for failures. Hence, have enough faith on your yourself and your ability and try your level best to get rid of any negative thought from your side as soon as possible.

How to improve concentration

Now, after knowing the reasons for lack of concentration, it would be much easier for you to understand the ways through which you can improve your concentration. To improve your concentration, you need to follow some natural and basic ways which will benefit you immensely. Only only need to keep in mind that you would not get any instant benefit by following these tips. These tips are going to benefit you in the long run only if you practice it regularly. Here are the powerful ways through which you can improve your concentration:

Do one thing at a time

Doing one thing at a time has its own importance. When you concentrate on too many things at a time you may lose your way and it will lead you nowhere. For example, if you are reading a newspaper, and your mind is occupied with the thoughts of an ongoing cricket match then you will not understand a single thing about what you are reading. Therefore, you should mentally prepare yourself to focus on one thing or on one particular activity on a given time. This will help you to concentrate better on the thing in which you are involved at the moment.

Divide your task

Next, you can divide a big task into smaller ones which will help you to manage it in a better way. For example, when I have to write an article of a sizable length, I might lose my concentration or zeal to work if I want to complete it at once. So, I will divide the article writing process into short spell so that it becomes that much easier for me to complete it. I will also be able to concentrate more without feeling monotonous about my work.


Meditation helps in binding the minds and body together. It also helps to reduce stress and achieve relaxation. It works like a magic and embalms your mind. It does not matter whether you are a doctor, engineer, philosopher you can reap huge benefits for yourself and your mind through meditation. Mediation is a perfect way to increase and expand your memory and gives your concentration a new dimension altogether. So if you are the one who is looking for a way to increase your concentration there is no alternative for it. Generally, where a medicine fails to cure meditation is the answer.

Tell yourself that you can concentrate

It is important to remind yourself from time to time that you can concentrate. When you do so, you get mentally prepared to concentrate harder. As far as concentration is concerned, a lot depends on the way you think and shape yourself. So be positive in your outlook and get rid of all the negative thoughts about yourself. Start a new chapter in your life by reminding yourself, from time to time, that you too can concentrate harder.

Try to remember information

This is another good way to sharpen your memory. At the end of the day, try to remember about the important facts and statistics that you came across the day. This will benefit you in two ways. First, you will remember important works which you have to achieve in future and secondly it will make your memory stronger than before.

Get rid of weary thoughts

Very often when you are in a meeting or attending a function you find yourself that you cannot concentrate on the subject matter. This happens because your mind remains occupied with all sorts of weary thoughts which prevent you to concentrate harder. You can deal with such a situation in a practical way which I also follow in my regular life. You can write down those thoughts in a piece of paper and tell yourself that you can deal with these later. This will help you to concentrate on the present forgetting about all other things at that particular period of time.

Concentration exercises

You can improve your concentration by following some concentration exercises in your day to day life. The best thing about these exercises are that anyone can follow it and it does not cost a penny from your pocket. You can improve your concentration by practicing these exercises which are as given below:

1. Count backwards from 100 to 1: Though this may seem very easy or very difficult as the case may be but when you do this regularly it will help in building your concentration. It makes you think and has a positive affect on your mind. You can do this whenever you have some free time. I do it regularly whenever I get time and this technique has helped me a lot.

2. Candle flame: You can also follow the candle flame technique to improve your concentration. Look at a burning candle and concentrate on the flame. Do this regularly, and I am sure that you will feel the difference very soon.

3. Solve crosswords and puzzles: Solving crosswords, puzzles, Sudoku etc regularly for half-an-hour everyday is a very good exercise to increase the level of your concentration. Thesetechniques help in building your concentration. If you do it regularly, you will be benefited with positive results over a very short period of time.

You need to be consistent

Last but not the least, you need to be consistent in your effort and approach. You know the famous proverb which goes like this that practice makes a complete man. Therefore, it is important for you to practice the techniques of building concentration regularly if you want to be benefited by it. Finally, it is you who needs to generate the fantasy required to plug the holes.

Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 04/05/2012    Points:4    

Concentration is a very essential quality to achieve success in life. If we don't have concentration, failure is always with us. Concentration is must for children in their studies. If they have good concentration, they can finish their studies so soon. If they loose concentration while they study, it will take time to finish their studies. So parents must give proper training to improve their concentration.

Doing yoga is the best method to get good concentration. There is no age limit for yoga practices. All people can do yoga to improve their concentration skill beyond their ages.
Author: rekhas        
Posted Date: 04/13/2012    Points:2    

Very nice article about improving concentration. I hope it will help me a lot as am preparing for some exams..At the age of 30..concentrating on studies seems like a big task..esp when I hate math :)
Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 04/14/2012    Points:2    

I knew most of the things that you mentioned in the article, Ajay. However, amongst the things that I read for the first time were that of the candle flame. I will try the candle flame technique for sure. Is it safe to perform?
Author: Sarika        
Posted Date: 05/23/2012    Points:8    

Very nice article indeed. I learned a lot from this article. I think emotional phases, stress levels as well as age are also important determinants of the lack of concentration. Youngesters have higher concentration power while it is difficult for elder people to maintain the concentration for long as they always keep saying "we have a lot to do". Purhaps multitasking is the need of time but it seems to me, like Ajay ji mentioned, it is good to concentrate and do one thing at a time. With increasing age brain also undergoes a lot of changes and this reduces the capacity of a person to concentrate.

I have tried to solve Sudoku puzzles. they are really very interesting but needs a lot of time (depending upon the difficulty level). I completely agree that solving puzzles improves a person''s power to concentrate. I have not tried the candle flame technique but I might try it. I remember I was told by my grandmother to look at the moon continously as it will sooth my eyes and also will relax me. I think if one can look at a candle flame then perhaps one can also look at the moon and it might help too.

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