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Difference between Targeted Traffic and Purchased Traffic

April 05, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $1.10   Views: 767

If you are confused between purchased traffic and targeted traffic then this article will clear all your doubts.


Many times people become confused between the purchased traffic and the targeted traffic. They can’t find out the difference between them and by mistake they used relay on purchased traffic instead of targeted traffic. But surely Targeted traffic is more important than the other one. Just don’t get confused about this thing, keep reading and you will find out how they are different?

Targeted traffic and Purchased traffic, both are quite different. Targeted traffic is the traffic is the traffic which came on our site because they are interested in our content or they are interested in the concept of the site. They want to know about the site with more details. While purchased traffic is the traffic which is getting something (for their benefit) for visiting our website. They aren’t visiting our site for their personal interest.

Let’s talk about them in detail.

About Targeted Traffic:

As I mentioned above, in such traffic we only get visitors which are truly interested in our site. They aren’t getting anything like money or advertising credits for their self for visiting our site.

Many people still confused about this thing. Suppose someone is purchasing advertising credits from the Google Adword, then you will ask that isn’t it purchased traffic as we are paying for it. It is not true. We are giving money to Google for the traffic but the way they are delivering traffic can’t be call as Purchased traffic. Google is quite famous search engine. They are putting our ads on relative search on their search engine so that only interested people can see our site ad when they are searching something related to our site content. So it is like paying for getting the targeted traffic. Just see that here visitors aren’t getting anything for visiting our site. So it can’t be called purchased traffic.

I hope I have clear your many doubts by the example above. That is why such traffic is always important for our site. This is the traffic which can make our site more famous. So you should be concentrating on this thing instead of getting purchased traffic. Here are few ways of getting such traffic.

Search Engines : Traffic coming from the search engines directly is always targeted traffic. For getting them your site must have been listed in the various search engines. Also you should have used famous keywords relative your content so that you can get more traffic from search engine.

Social Sites : Social sites are always good for getting targeted traffic. You can post your links with proper description social sites and they can deliver you good traffic. You can know about different social sites for this purpose here: http://www.exposeknowledge.com/kb/7822-use-social-sites-for-advertising.aspx.

Back Links : You can create back links to your website from the different famous site. This is also good and famous way for getting targeted traffic.

There are many other good ways available too, but these are the best. You can have good targeted traffic by this way. Targeted traffic is always a good choice and it is good for advertises too on your site like Google Adsense as they only allow or count the targeted traffic. So now you can understand the importance of the targeted traffic and how they are better in compare of purchased traffic.

About Purchased Traffic:

As I mentioned above, it is the traffic where visitors only visit our site for their profit. I mean they are getting some special things; like money or advertising credits; for visiting our site. So such visitors have no interest in the content of your site. They are just visiting it because they are getting something for it. So we should always avoid such traffic on our sites which only require targeted traffic. Especially when you are having advertises on your site as a publisher.

For certain things such traffic can be useful. I mean if you want traffic which either interested in your content or not, then you can choose such option. You can choose such option when you want the huge traffic without any condition.

There are few ways of getting such traffic. Here they are.

Paying for clicking : You can contact or pay to some sites which are paying their users to click on the different sites. By this way you can have the traffic on your site in no time. But most of the visitors are not interested in your site content.

Traffic Exchange : Many sites offers traffic exchange option where you can click on other user’s sites and in exchange you will get the advertising credits to advertise your site.

Note : Such traffic is not important at all if you are a publisher. In fact it can harm your publisher status.

So if you are a publisher of any ad-network then I will suggest you to never go for this option. As such traffic is only intended to visit sites for their personal benefits no one considers them as good traffic which are interested in content. It is like forcing someone towards your site which can’t be call as targeted traffic as I mentioned about it above. So choose this option very carefully.

So this is it. I guess this much information should be enough to differentiate between the Targeted Traffic and the Purchased Traffic. And I hope I cleared almost all doubts on them with this information. Advertising is very important concept and it is very deep. So it is very important to understand the difference between the above things for an advertiser. Without understanding them properly, doing advertising can produce totally reverse and unexpected output which is not good for sure. So be smart and choose the best way of the advertising which is more suitable for your site. I am sure you will get the success from your wise decision.

I hope this information will be useful to you and guide you to the proper advertising way for your site. Thanks for the reading my article and all the best for your site and your advertising campaign. Get the best results. ;)


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