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Safety Majors when using Computer

April 06, 2012  by: naruto  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.70   Views: 1112

Follow these simple and important ways and make your computer and private data secure.


Computer has been become quite common thing now. Almost all houses having at least one computer or even more as per their usage. And currently kids have become smarter in using the computer then the elders as they are fast in learning. So Computer use is now not the big deal for sure. But we should concentrate on some safety majors during using the computer.

Now the important thing is that how we are using our computer system? I mean as the hackers have become quite smarter these days, it is important that users also become smarter, so that they can be safe from such hackers. They surely need to be caution when they are using their computer especially when they are using internet on their personal computer. There are surely many risk factors there that can harm your computer or even you too by spamming you in different ways. So it is important that we keep knowledge of all basic things about safety and be safe. We are having some very simple and easy ways from which we can avoid such harmful efforts from the hackers, so I don’t think any people need to ignore them as they will not take much time to follow. Let’s talk about the ways from which we can keep our computer and our personal data safe.

Let’s start with Antivirus : I am sure almost all people are following this thing. Antivirus are surely needed, they are not 100% secure but still they give good security against some things. So better we use them. If you don’t want to spend money for the antivirus then we are having some free options like Avast antivirus and AVG antivirus, and form my personal experience I can say that both are very good and giving good security against viruses and other threats. So go for the one which is already popular among the people and I am sure you will get the good results.

Fishing : This is a big threat in these days. Many cheaters are using this way to cheat the people. In fishing, cheaters just sent the mail to the many users by saying that you won the lottery or something, never reply to this email. Just ignore them or sent them in to trash box. There are cases, when people fall for such mails and loose lots of money from the spammers. So beware of such mails.

If you are using net banking or not, just ignore the mails which are asking for the bank details and password, even those mails are from the bank itself. Spammers always sent such mails in the name of bank to cheat you. No bank will sent you mail for asking such personal detail and password. Just report this mail to bank so that they can warn other customers too.

Use Genuine Software only : Many times people used to download the pirated software from the Internet because of saving their money. But this can be most risky thing for you. You can have lots of viruses and things like key-loggers, with that software without your notice. And that can affect your personal and important data on your computer system. So never go for such applications just to save the money. Always prefer the genuine software on your computer system so that you will be always safe. Installing pirated software is not good legally too. So be aware of that.

Use your USB devices carefully : USB devices are the most common source from which your computer can get easily infected. People always used to share their USB devices with their friends and others and because of that it is possible that your USB device got the infection from other computers. And using that USB device on your computer can easily make your system infected too. So better you scan them before using them on your system, or if there is no important data on your USB device then it is better that you format it and clean all the things, which will remove all infections too. This is an important thing so better you follow the safety majors.

Be more careful for Important Sites : This is quite important for the people who are using the net-banking sites or other sites which are as important like it. First of all never share your passwords with anyone for such sites. Always keep them private. Other thing is that never access such important sites from the public computer like cyber cafe or other. They can be infected computers and with that someone easily get your passwords of those sites. And you know how risky it can be. So always use important sites only on your personal computer. That will make your all important things safe.

Never share your computer with unknowns : Personal computers are for the personal use. So it is better that you use them like that way only. I mean you shouldn’t allow unknown people to use your computer. They can use it for their benefits by inserting some harmful things in it. So if you know person personally and if you trust him/her totally, then and then only you allow him or her to use your computer, so that all your personal data remain safe and secure.

Surf Securely : Internet became so popular that all age of people are using it. But be sure that you are surfing sites which are known. Surfing some unknown sites can infect your computer by inserting viruses on your computer. So never use the unknown sites. Especially never download anything from sites about which you know nothing. Always prefer sites which are giving the safe downloads so that you can have safe data on your computer. Internet has become quite common so this thing should be follow carefully if you want your system safe.

Be safe from unknown links on your mail : You should never click on the unknown links from your email even the mail is sent from your friend or relative. It is possible that hackers use your friend or relative email address and sent you those links which can infect your computer. This is happened with me too. Recently some of my friends were asking me that why I am promoting them some earning methods via mail. In fact, I never sent such mail to anyone. So I told them to not to use those links or join any such site because I haven’t sent those mails. This can happen with you also. So be alert on such things.

So this is it. Just follow this rules and I am sure you will be quite safe. It is very important now to make sure your data is stay safe, as hackers are trying many smart things. So be safe and never fall for them. Above rules may be looks basic but all of them are important. I have talk about antivirus as the first one above, but if you follow all the safety majors properly then I am sure that antivirus will not pop up and alert you often. ;)

Hope all above information will help you to keep your computer safe and virus free. Be smart and be safe.


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