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How to enjoy a happy life easily?

April 06, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.50   Views: 1046

This article gives complete and up-to-date information on how to enjoy a happy life easily. Some useful and powerful tips are also provided like how to enjoy a happy life in the morning, office and home. Tips like doing regular exercise, helping those who are in need, talking to new people, forgetting about small mistakes, appreciating, preparing a time-table, changing with time, giving valuable time to kids etc are included in the article.


Indtroduction on enjoying a happy life

To enjoy a happy and prosperous life might seem to be a difficult proportion to start with but believe me it is not an impossible task to achieve. Well, there is no short cut to achieve this. You need to review your life, organize things and try to make a positive effort from your side so that you can certainly turn around things in time. I have been through the thick and thins of life and taking those in consideration, I have prepared some tips which might help your cause too. But before I move on and finally put pen to paper, I would like to guide you how to use these tips for your maximum benefits.

How to use the tips to enjoy happy life

Here, I have given several tips on how to enjoy a happy life. But you have to be vigilant on your part and use those tips only which touches you closely. If you try too many tips at a time it might lead you nowhere. Therefore, it would be advisable if you approach these tips slowly and spend some time before you more on to the next one. It would be advisable to use these tips on the following basis:

1. Select and dismiss: This is a best way to choose tips that concern you most. When you find too many tips, you can select the ones which you think is important. On the other hand, you can dismiss those tips which are least important to you or if you want to deal with them later.

2. Be slow but firm: Do not be in a hurry to follow all these tips at once. Instead slow down and chalk out proper plans to follow certain tips. In this way, you can utilize these tips in a proper way. Hence, keep a cool and level head and approach these in an ordinarily way.

3. Do research and experiment: It would be a good idea to do your own research and experiment and find out how much you are benefited with these tips. If you find not getting much success research for it and find out the cause for it. After your research, once again try it out. I am sure that this time you will be benefited surely.

Powerful tips to enjoy happy life

Now, as you are aware of how to use these tips for your maximum benefit, it is time for me to give you some powerful tips to enjoy your life to the maximum. Here, is a list of some powerful tips which could be used by anyone to bring enjoyment and happiness in life:

In the morning

Morning is the time when you get out from the bed to make a new beginning of your day. As told by the wealthy and the wise, that the morning shows the day as a child shows the man. Hence, you need to capitalize on to use this part of the day to your maximum benefit. You might have heard the proverb that a happy beginning makes a happy ending. Therefore, just take a note what you can do to make your day great by giving a positive kick start in the morning:

1. Assure yourself: When you get up early in the morning, you need to assure yourself by saying that you are going to make the best possible use of that particular day. This is important because spending a day in idleness is like losing a sunrise from our life. You are not going to get back the day that seems to go away from your life. Hence, it would be better to remind yourself that you are going to make your day count.

2. Do regular exercise: Devoting sometime regularly in the morning for some kind of physical activities like exercises and yoga is certainly going to make you feel relaxed. It also helps to keep stress and anxiety at bay. Clinically, it has been proved that doing regular exercises helps in the secretion of certain kind of chemical hormones which help us to remain happy throughout the day.

3. Relish your food: Take your time while eating and concentrate on the food you are eating. It is not only important to eat but to enjoy what you eat. This has its positive effect on our physiology and body and help us to remain cheerful on the go.

In the office

Your office is the place where you spent most of your time with your colleagues and boss. You find yourself communicating and interacting with different kinds of people throughout the day. Well, there would be people who are like your friends and those who are your competitors. You need to maintain your cool and work around things properly so that you do not mess up with things. However, if you follow certain habits and traits it would benefit you in the long run to build a good relationship not only with your friends but also with your boss. Here, are some of things which you can do to manage with things positively:

1. Helping those who need you: You need to make an image of yourself in the place where you work regularly most of the days of the week. You need to be open in your approach to help out others without expecting them to help you in return. In this way, you will be able to make a good image about yourself and you will find yourself most wanted by your colleagues. This is a foundation of building any good relationship in the future. The best part is that when you find people around you who wants to be in your company, you will be much happier and satisfied than the remaining lot.

2. Talk to new people: In your office, you will come across new people who are new joiners or new employees. Reach out for them or instead when they reach you communicate with them. Building a good communication with your colleagues will help you to zeal with them and also have a positive affect on your mind. You will also find your communication level increasing day by day when you do this regularly.

3. Be a good listener: This is crucial and you have to be an active listener. While communicating you need to give others equal platform to speak about their thoughts and views. This will also help when your boss is giving some important lecture regarding your work. Have your say but wait for the person in front of you finish. This also helps in clearing doubts and misunderstandings which are must for any employee.

4. Forget about small mistakes: You need to have the heart of forgiving about small mistakes of others. When you do so things becomes much simpler and smooth for your cause. You will also be away from unnecessary tensions, anxiety etc which rob you from your happiness. For example, if you boss gives you back for not meeting certain deadlines just take it in positive spirit and assure him that next time you will take care about it.

5. Do not lose your temper: Never ever lose your temper and try to have things under your control. Well, I agree there are some situations where you cannot avoid it but then you should be well prepared to do with this. When you get aroused with a sudden temper doing certain things like closing your eyes and taking deep breathe helps to pacify you. Another thing which you can do is to leave the place for sometime which will help you to re-groove yourself.

6. Appreciate others: If someone does something good applaud him/her for the hard work. When you appreciate others hard work and be a part of their happiness you too become happy from inside. Those who are not happy with the achievement of others could never become happy and suffer from physiological disorders and unhappiness.

Just for confidence

I you give a close look, you will find that confidence and happiness are very closely related. A confident person is a happy person and a happy person is always a confident person. To be confident in your approach and to reap the maximum benefit you can do the following:

1. Prepare a time-table: You will be confident only when you do your work in time. Sometimes, you remain so busy with the regular part and parcel of your life that you forget to do the most important things that you should have done. This results in unhappiness, sorrow and a feel of guilt in your heart. Hence, it is important to prepare and time-table and arrange your things in an orderly way so that you do not forgot to do things.

2. Draw deadlines: Draw deadlines for yourself and try to make it in time. Completing your work in proper time will give you more confidence for the future. You will mentally get prepared to take challenges of completing them in time.

3. Change with time: You need to change and update yourself from time to time. This could be your knowledge in a particular field or being flexible with your work. When you update your knowledge in the field which you have the expertise you will certainly feel much benefited and confident about it. Hence, instead of complaining about the changes around you, adapt yourself to excel in it.

4. Have goals: You need to have goals either short term or on a long term basis. Once you achieve your goals appreciate your efforts for the same. This will further keep you charged up to achieve your future goals. The happiness and confidence you can get by fulfilling your goal is beyond any measure.

In the home

Now, the question is what can you do remain happy in your home after your come back from your office? Well, you need to be aware of what can you do to remain happy at your home. You do not have to do something very difficult to be happy at home. If you follow some simple day to day things, you can have a very happy family life. You need to keep some tips in your mind which are as given below:

1. Forget office: The moment you step into your home forget about your office and concentrate on the members of the family. You need to be aware of the fact that you are the head of the family and much of the happiness and smiles of other members depend on your outlook an approach. Hence, do justification to your responsibility by giving a neutral thought to it and acting accordingly.

2. Give time to your kids: You may be a working father or a working mother but one that holds true that you need to give some special time to your kids. When you are in home be a child with your child and think from their approach. You can spend some quality time with your child by playing with him/her. It will also provide you recreation and help you to recharge. If your kids and other members of the family is cheerful you will find that you are also happy.

3. Keep relations with relatives: It is also important to keep a healthy relations with your kith and keens as a responsible member of a society. You have to attend marriage parties, birthday parties and so on regularly. This will give you a good cause to socialize and increase your social network.

4. Save for the future: Saving is another thing which can give you some mental peace and happiness. When you work hard and save a portion of it for those worse situations of life you seem to be mentally relaxed and prepared for the crisis. Hence, get yourself into the habit of saving so that you can secure yourself and your family for the future.

Some other things which can bring you happiness

Now, after discussing some simple things that can bring happiness in your life, here, are a few more to add to the list. You need to go through them for your better understanding and practice it in your real life to benefit from it.

1. Keep some time for yourself: From your regular time keep some time for yourself when you can do anything that fascinates you. You can enjoy listening to music, going to gym, playing with your kids or writing articles as I am doing now in my leisure. Besides, you can also enjoy the pleasure of viewing a sunset, sitting in the open in a moonlit night, walking on the grass, reading a good book etc.

2. Get rid of debt: If you have any debt try to get relieved from it as soon as possible. If you are debt it will put extra pressure on you and rob you from your happiness. Researchers proved that a debt free life is more livable than a life full of debt.

3. Live in the present: Why put yourself in pressure by thinking about the failures and insults of the past. Live in today and speak aloud to yourself that you are going to make the most of it. It will help you to remain focused in your aims and give you a better platform to strive for the future.

4. Think positive: Thinking positively always help you to remain ahead from the rest. It will also help to generate the right and timely thoughts to make a mark in your life and to be happy and contented. Thinking positively will help you to lay the path of success for yourself. It is a weapon which will help you to lead you towards your goals.


Well, to those of you are thinking on the similar lines, I would say make the best possible use of these tips to enhance your life and happiness. Now, no more nail-biting to find out how to deal with the problems of life. Keep your cool in the awkward situations to identify your mistakes and finally take the plunge to rectify those so that it is you tomorrow who is going to have the last laugh.


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