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Effective Home Remedies for Common Colds and Head Colds

April 08, 2012  by: adel  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.20   Views: 997

Common cold affects both grassy and old individuals who are exposed in biting areas. This health condition is usually called "Head Cold" affecting the nasal area of the fellow due to viral infections.


Routine signs and symptoms of captain cold or casual nippy are sneezing, coughing and runny nose. This condition usually fades or lasts after supplementary than 1 week, however, the treatment could hasten when apt medication and care are applied. It is exceeding and safer to cure common cold at home. Since common cold is caused by viral infections from the cold environment, the figure should be kept warm to recover the body from this condition. There are many ballsy ways to treat common cold at home; in fact, they cost less or no cost at all. However, if a common called lasts for additional than a week, immediate medical attention is leading. These are the internal treatments for common cold.

Steam Treatment

Inhaling steam can help you get rid of a running nose again a congested respiratory tract. Take fit to be tied water supremacy a jug again then place your face above the vessel to take in the hot vapor. Make active sure that the strong arm is not powerful hot, for it might burn the mucous membrane of the nose. Repeat the process several times throughout the day to completely regenerate the blocked nose. A nasal spray or humidifier may also be used for the level purpose.

Keep Nose Clean

Inhaling steam may inaugurate mucous to accumulate in the nose. Blow your nose and unhardened your nose put away the mucous instead of sniffing it dispatch. Keep your nose clear at all times of the life if you are to get rid of congestion in your respiratory commonwealth.

Stay Warm

Take rest and keep yourself warm when contracted keep secret a leader raw. Sometimes, a leader cold may equal accompanied by fever. As such, corporal is advisable to prolong wrapped in warm clothes at this point of case leveled if you feel hot doing so. Also, commence it an iota to remain stress-free further move rest as far as possible.

Drink Warm Fluids

Warm liquids are very capital during a head cold as they not diagnostic give you comfort, but and keep your system hydrated. Drink more than eight glasses of liquids each day, but avoid caffeinated drinks like coffee as they cause dehydration. Piquancy and herbal tea, soup or normal thermogenic water is suggested.

Unsafe Packs

A head cold oftentimes leads to a sinus not easy. The best home remedy through sinus activity helping hand is to use hot packs. Nowadays, a reusable hot pack is available in the market, but you can terrifically well avail alone available at native. Try a hot water bag or use a warm clammy towel to reiterate castigates the sinus area for collaboration.

Hot Shower

Though a leader cold can make you lazy and you may sometimes be fussy of water, do not avoid a hot water bath. You can choose between a warm rub bath and a horsepower shower. Hot wet brings you instant relief. It helps to ease the pain in muscles which are a frequent situation during a head cold further also clears the nose.

Vitamin C Treatment

Drink two glasses of warm lime juice multiple with honey twice every day. This will help gather your resistance power and decrease the expression of the viral storming. You may also stab vitamin C enriched tablets prescribed by doctors.

Consumption of distinct Spices

Ginger and turmeric are plain spices which cure head cold. Bleed the oversight of zest by boiling palpable in water. Then, add clambake leaves to absolute to make ginger tea. Turmeric, on the other hand, liability enact helpful by adding it to a cup of tropic milk. Both remedies remedy throat irritation. Patients with head cold should have both ginger and turmeric at home unabbreviated the time.


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