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The Importance of Intel Turbo Boost Technology for Processors

April 08, 2012  by: jenny  Points: 20   Category: Hardware    Views: 1259

In November 2008, Intel published a white paper describing a new feature, incorporated notoriety its latest passing of Nehalem-based processors, called Intel Turbo Boost Technology.


This high performance technology essentially allows processors to passage faster than the base frequency by dynamically controlling its clock rate under certain constraints. This article attempts to demystify this popular fashion concept of 'dynamic over clocking'.

When a processor is tweaked without add-on hardware to route faster than its practice configuration, the result is that instead of processing x number of instructions per second (seeing which the original design was built), it is now effective of purpose x+n instructions per second. Consequence routine terms, it's animation to process hugely more and therefore, faster than what positive was built thanks to. Intel's trademarked Turbo comfort Technology enables higher performance by making available an increased processor core frequency, provided some dependency conditions are met. Unlike instruction over clocking by manipulating clock speeds on the BIOS, dynamic over clocking is automatic and is based upon constantly classifying if the dependencies are met, commonly referred to as dynamically assessing headroom. Rent us hear these dependencies juice detail and catch over how the Intel Turbo helping hand Technology works.

Working of Intel Turbo support Technology and Processor Dependencies
Unlike over clocking which causes overheating of hardware forming it prone to damage, Intel Turbo assist is a technology built bag the design of the processor versions that support bona fide. The biggest reinforcement of this design is faster stunt without exceeding the electrical besides pleasant specifications of the core, accordingly conserving big idea when solid is not chief.

If the frequent application workload isn't keeping all cores fully busy and pushing well-timed evolving against the chip's Thermal form Power (TDP is the maximum amount of power the department can withstand tuck away help from the cooling systems) limit, Turbo Boost can augment the clock speed of each heart individually to derive more deed peripheral of the bit. Under the dominant constraints of TDP, the processor onus increase its clock walk through importance steps of 133.33 MHz All active cores in the processor will maintain the proportionate frequency. Whatever power the other two or three cores would have consumed power be redirected over to the active cores, allowing them to airing at higher speeds. The highest performance state when requested by the Operating System activates the Intel Turbo Boost Technology. The operating configuration, layout plan and workload parameters dictate how long the Intel Turbo Boost state leave body maintained. Under ideal conditions, the technology positively influences the performance of both multithreaded and single-threaded workloads.

Advantages of Dynamic Over clocking

Intel Turbo Boost Technology because a dynamic feature that kicks in when unconditional conditions are met, the user cannot predict when the figure will handle to the "turbo mode". However, it mild provides a solution such that there's no compromise involved tour choosing a dual core or quad limelight processor. Dual limelights processors have greater penetrate speeds because, the more subsume of cores in quad core meant increased power consumption and caused overheating. One had to make active a choice also between applications that favored dual core or quad center. However, shroud Intel Turbo Boost, parcel idle core would venture into a subordinate power state and the active cores would be dynamically over clocked thence eliminating compromise! A new article of center i7 processor has a feature that enables rush at base distinguish speed when the construction is battery-powered but switches to Turbo Boost, doubling it’s examine speed, when plugged in.

In the above processors, the Intel Turbo Boost Technology is enabled by inadequacy. A BIOS knob can be used to disable it, however, this is not recommended. There are no further settings available due to the user to intervene predominance the operation, activation or frequency personality of the Intel Turbo Boost Technology. An optimized version of the symptomatic Intel Turbo Boost Technology, Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 is incorporated in 2nd procreation Intel core processors, providing even more accomplishment. To routine the Turbo Boost dominion action, you may download a gadget known since the Intel Turbo helping hand Technology vanguard. The Intel Processor Identification Utility will enable you to view the leading Turbo Boost frequency on the supported processor.

If you're only using your PC whereas Internet browsing, working on a few network processing and spreadsheet applications and mostly just checking your email, you might not bonanza much assistance due to the Intel Turbo Boost Technology although you may hoist veritable to manual over clocking. However, if you're mostly agility with HD media or video-intensive applications, 3D gaming or multitasking compute-intensive applications, then this on-demand performance technology that intelligently allocates extra processing proficiency to match workload, is over futuristic whereas it gets.

Traditionally the playing field of gaming enthusiasts and might users, over clocking has found its way into modern-day processors because good. Preset processor clock speeds seem to fall for shift a thing of the past. Adaptive performance of processors to suit the demands of the user prestige a dynamic and alert way seems to be the future.


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In November 2008, Intel published a white paper describing a new feature, incorporated notoriety its latest passing of Nehalem-based processors, called Intel Turbo Boost Technology.

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