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How to start bird watching hobby easily?

April 08, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.60   Views: 820

This article gives complete information about how to start bird watching hobby. Important details like equipment required, qualification required, human qualities and the bird watching process etc of the bird watching hobby is given in this article.


Introduction about bird watching hobby

Bird watching is an interesting hobby for anyone to start with. It is a very inexpensive hobby as it requires very less investment from your part. You can start this hobby all alone by yourself to get some pleasure out of your leisure. You can also enhance your knowledge about different birds by taking part in different types of bird festivals that are organized throughout the world. The best thing about this hobby that it brings you closer to mother nature if you are an ardent nature lover. Here, I will guide you how to start a bird watching hobby and continue with it in the future.

Equipment required for bird watching hobby

Now, the characteristic feature of bird watching hobby is that you require very little equipment. To start with you need a good pair of binocular/telescope, a notebook, a hat or a cap, a pair of good walking shoes/trekking shoes and last but not the least a better field guide book. Here, I am giving a detail description of the equipment for your better understanding.

Binoculars/telescope: This equipment is a must have as it will help you to watch birds closely. To start with, I will advise you not to buy an expensive one because it would be a risky thing to do. While watching birds you may have to visit landscapes and places which you are not well aware of. Moreover, being a starter there is every possibility that you bash your binoculars/telescope against anything or drop it when handling. Hence, a cheaper one do enough to help your cause.

Notebook: You will need a notebook because when you come across birds you need to pen down their details like their peculiar habits and characteristics, their habitats etc. A notebook will better serve your purpose and you could have all the details about different species of birds in one place.

Hat/cap: A hat will protect your head when you will be out in the sun. Even a cap does the same and will be much easier to carry. While you are busy with bird watching activity you never know how long you have to be under the sun. Hence a hat/cap will be more than handy to carry along with yourself.

Good walking shoes/trekking shoes: Good walking shoes have its own relevance. Since you have to do a lot of walking and cover a wide range of paths good shoes will help you to keep you comfortable. Trekking shoes will also help your cause when you will be walking through uneven grounds, shrubs and bushes.

Best field guide book: This is the most important one and as a beginner you must have it. A normal book on bird is not going to help your purpose. A best field guide book will give you detail about different kinds of birds and their characteristics. Most of the books have a general guidelines and instructions page which you need to go through for your better understanding on how to use the book. Moreover, you will be doing bird watching in different weather conditions it will be a wise thing to purchase a book which is waterproof, less weighty and easier to carry.

Qualifications for bird watching

You do not need a big degree to start with a bird watching hobby. Of course, professional bird watchers may need a degree of ornithology. You need to have some amount of knowledge on birds and you have to rely on your senses. You sense of hearing and vision must be up to the mark as these will be added advantage from your side to start this hobby and continue in the future too.

Human qualities required for bird watching hobby

There are other requirements for bird watching hobby. These requirements are very easy to mastery if you do not have much when you start. You will gain these qualities while being a part of this hobby. Some other requirements for the bird watching hobby are as given below:

Patience: You need to have a good level of patience because there will be times when after waiting for a long period of time you are not lucky enough to find a bird. There are certain species of birds who just shy away from humans or sometimes they give their appearance for a short time only. You need to understand these characteristics of birds and work accordingly. Therefore, patience holds the key from your side.

Courtesy: You need to be polite while interacting with birds and other fellow bird watchers. After all, your politeness will bring closer to your mates and help you to work accordingly.

Consciousness: You have to be environmental conscious and have to learn about the endangered birds and species. Further, you need to note down about these species of birds and about their peculiar habits and habitats which could even help the animal and forest departments in their effort.

The bird watching process

There are various ways through which you can do bird watching. Some people move out from their comfort zones and step out to move from place to place to do bird watching. In contrast to this there are some people who just do it in their backyard. There is another group of people who just do it wherever they feel like. Those who lives in the suburbs of the big cities have a very good chance of watching birds in the open. Those who live in cities have to move out and search for birds. Some of them are so much in love with this hobby that they travel not only locally but also in different states and even to different countries. Now, let us check the ways how bird watching could be done in different ways.

While going for a walk: You can enjoy your hobby of bird watching while going for a short walk in the morning or in the evening. You can see many local birds in your neighborhood and note down their names along with their species types. You can watch their behavior and characteristic like their sounds and music which will give you enough satisfaction and internal peace. Morning is the best time since most of the birds move out in the open to search for food. Similarly, in the evening they come back to their nests.

Attracting birds in your backyard: You can even attract birds to your backyard by making a congenial environment for birds. For this you need to make suitable bird feeders and bird baths and regularly devote some time and energy for it. This will give you a proper platform where you do not have to leave your home to watch birds.

Meet with other birders: This would certainly be something that you might love as a birder. You will certainly love the company of other birders who thinks like you and have a passion similar to you. To build your network you can join a local bird watching club, attend bird watching festivals and can even take a bird watching tour with fellow birders.

Conclusion of bird watching hobby

This is how you can begin your bird watching hobby. Certainly, this is a great hobby and involves ones creative thinking. Besides, it also brings one close to nature and helps to know different species of birds and their habits. Who knows that the hobby you are starting today, will evolve into your big professional career in the future. Really birders are creative people, passionate about their hobby and their work.


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