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Journey of Jeans

April 09, 2012  by: Sarika  Points: 20   Category: Others    Views: 675

The article speaks about how jeans came into being and became an inseperable part of our daily life.


Journey of Jeans

Necessity is the mother of all inventions. From the time unknown some of the greatest minds in the history of mankind have devoted their entire life in solving the puzzles and providing answers or solutions to the problems at hand. Wearing of clothes is a human characteristic feature and is part of almost all human societies except some tribes. Thousands of years have witnessed the development, modifications, styling and the variety of materials used to make clothing. One of the most popular clothing of all times, as we know it is “Jeans”.

The word “Jeans” originates from the Italian word “genuense” which literally means “of Genoa” and from a local word “jean” used for corduroy. In the 18th Century a very sturdy cloth material “Jean” was used to make sails in the Italian port town of “Genoa”. As over time the trade, slave labor, cotton plantation increased so does the need of strong clothing for laborers. Because of its resistance to wear and tear the jeans cloth was used to make pants for peasants, sailors and slaves. Soon it became very popular among the labor class and during the Middle Ages, was exported all over Europe by the sailors of Genoa. The French weavers from the city of Nimes experimented with the cloth and came up with a new variety called “Denim” literally means “de Nimes”. However, the jeans arrived in USA only in the end of 18th century when a Germany immigrant named Levis Strauss migrated from Buttenheim, Bavaria, Germany to New York in search of better future prospects. During the Great Gold Rush of California Levis moved to San Francisco and opened a dry goods business and started selling sturdy canvas to be used as wagon covers and tents. He started making work pants out of canvas when he discovered that the labors had difficulty finding sturdy work pants. Later on he used Denim cloth to improve the quality and reduced the chafing and soon it became very popular. One of his customers Jacob Davis, who used to buy clothes from Levis and make his own work pants, used metal rivets to strengthen the weaker points of pockets to keep them from ripping. He decided to get his idea patented but lacked money so he wrote a letter to Levis Strauss to ask if he is interested in getting a patent for sturdy working pants with metal riveted pockets to which Levis agreed. On May 20th, 1873 Levis Strauss and Jacob Davis received the US patent No. 139,121 for "Improvement in Fastening Pocket-Openings." This date is considered as the official Birthday of “Blue Jeans”. Since then Jeans has never looked back.

For many decades jeans remained the most popular working pants for men. In 1930s Hollywood made lot of western movies featuring Cowboys wearing Jeans, which became very popular. Many Americans travelled to “dude ranches” and brought back a pair of jeans with them. During World War II jeans were considered as ideal working pants worn by the workers in factories. Men’s jeans had a zipper down the front while women jeans had a zipper down the right like a skirt side zipper. By 1960s both Men’s and Women’s zipper were down the front. A major revolutionary change came for jeans in 1950s when James Dean wore them in his movie “Rebel without a cause” along with leather jackets and boots. Overnight jeans became popular among the younger generation and became a symbol of youth rebellion and a new era in the history of jeans began. Because of this reason sometimes the youngsters wearing jeans were banned from theaters, restaurants, clubs and other public places. In 1960s people became more tolerant towards jeans and by 1970s it became a general fashion for casual wear in US. Traditionally jeans are dyed blue using indigo dye but other colors like black, pink, yellow, white have also been used to produce fashionable and designer pair of jeans. Popularity and acceptance to jeans continued to grow to the extent that now it has become one of most lucrative sectors of the textile industry with products aimed at both sexes and all age groups. Some of the most famous brands involved in jeans production business include Levis, Calvin Klein, Lee, Wrangler, Diesel, Pepe Jeans London, True Religion, Killer genes, American Eagle, Arizona etc. Jeans is considered to be most American fashion statement in the world and it has become difficult to imagine not having a pair of Denim''s in one’s wardrobe collection.

Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 04/17/2012    Points:5    

Nice article. Here you explained very well about the origin of jeans. I never thought that there was a story behind the origin of jeans.

I like to wear jeans. It is one of my favorite dresses. Wearing jeans is very comfortable. It is the best dress for long journey. Now different models of jeans are available in the market. Both men and women can wear this dress. It is a casual wear. I like to see children in jeans. Jeans are now available in different colours for children. I always prefer jeans for my child. Shirts and T-shirts can wear with jeans. Tops in different varieties are now available in the market for girls and ladies.

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