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Top interview tips to land a job

April 14, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.60   Views: 916

This article gives top interview tips to land a job. Things like introduction on interviews, what is an interview, types of interviews and tips to perform well in interviews are given in this article.


Introduction on interviews

Most of you have been a part of interview at some point of time or the other. Sometimes, it has been so easier to crack these interviews while at other times it has been a very tough experience. Some of you even claim to know what does a perfect interview consists of but still fail to deliver when it counts the most. So, to perform well in interviews you have to be consistent in your approach. The way you have given priority to your education and achieved it with your hard work, similar importance should be given to interviews too. Though you are aware what an interview is let us find out what it actually means.

What is an interview?

An interview is like a formal meeting where communication takes place between a candidate and the hiring manager or managers. The candidate on his/her part tries to give his/her best outputs while the hiring manager does his/her best to find about the suitability of the candidate for a particular post. It can be a one to one interview or a group interview where more than one candidate is interviewed by the managers at a time.

Types of interviews

There are many types of interviews which take place now-a-days. An interview can be at an office where candidates are physically present before the hiring managers. It could also be a telephonic one where interview takes place on air irrespective of the physical location of the candidate and the hiring managers. Moreover, now-a-days there is another type of interview which is very much popular. This interview takes place through video conference. These different types of interview procedures has increased the boundaries of interviews and it is being done in a very cost efficient ways.

Tips to perform well in interviews

Do your preparation: Before any interview, it is important to get yourself prepared. Check out the details of the company and its products in the internet before finally attending the interview. It helps you to remain up-to-date about the present status of the company. Apart from this, if you are asked about any detail you will remain well prepared to answer those questions.

Practice: You need to practice interviewing before you finally go for interview. You can do this with a friend or a family member. The best part about it is that you get mentally prepared before hand to handle certain questions which might be thrown at you during the interview. It will also help you to notice how confident you are while answering your questions and take necessary steps before hand to rectify any serious shortcomings whatsoever.

Resume: First you need to prepare a good resume for yourself which will have details about yourself and your academic backgrounds. Try to avoid spelling mistakes and errors in it. Next, go through your resume several times so that you remained prepared to answer any question related with your resume during the interview.

Time: You need to arrive at the interview spot before the schedule time so that you get enough time to settle down your nerve after reaching the interview spot. It will also help you to learn about the organization and about other interviewers attending the interview.

Switch off: You need to remember to switch off your cell phone and if possible switch it off the moment you step in the organization because if you leave it for letter there is every possibility that you may forget it to switch it off while going for the actual interview.

Dress: Dress yourself well for the interview. Though this is an external factor but it has its own relevance. There is a saying that first impression is the last impression. Yes, first impression counts therefore you need to dress up well in formal for the interview. Make sure to dress up smartly for the occasion.

Shake hands: There may be situations where a group of hiring managers would be interviewing you. You need to shake hands with them when you are introduced with them. This is common but many of you forget to do so due to the pressure of interview.

Eye-to-eye contact: Maintain an eye-to-eye contact when you are answering to the questions of your interviewers. This shows that you are positive in your approach and taking a keen interest in the interview.

Enthusiasm: Show enthusiasm and keen interest in the interview process and be confident with whatever you are answering. The best way to answer is answer to the point and avoid unnecessary exaggeration of answers. You need to stick to the bullet points.

Etiquette: After the interview, make sure to say thank you. It does not cost you anything but have a very positive affect about you on the minds of your hiring managers .

Conclusion about interviews

Though the process of interviews varies from job to job and organization to organization but yet they have something in common. You need to be positive in your attitude and have a good body language. Take the interview process as a very good experience and enjoy it to the full. Even if you fail it does not matter much because every interview is a learning lesson for you in your life. Certainly, after attending several interviews you will get the experience to manage the interview pressures properly and to come out of it successfully.


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