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What to look for in a good hotel

April 15, 2012  by: Sarika  Points: 12   Category: Travel & Places  Earning $0.60   Views: 1007

This article is a collection of tips one should keep in mind while booking a hotel.


What to look for in a Hotel

One of the best and most trusted ways of choosing a hotel is to go by the word of mouth. It is advisable to always ask your relatives and friends if they had a particular good (or bad) experience with the hotels in the region you are planning to visit. Ask them if they know any particular hotel which they can recommend for you. It is the most effective way to ensure a pleasant stay and to avoid disappointment because their views are not contaminated with the pollution of commercial interest. The other effective mean is to look in internet and check the reviews for a particular hotel by the previous occupants. Hotels are categorized by the star system. The more the stars the better and more luxurious it is. However, most of the times these hotels are not affordable and can truly burn holes in the pockets. So the question remains what to look for in a hotel to make your stay not only comfortable but also a memorable one? The following list might prove to be helpful in working towards the answer for this question.

Location and connectivity of the hotel : It is always good to have a centrally located hotel, but most of the times these hotels are expensive. It would not be a bad idea to book a hotel which even though not centrally located but is very well connected with the public transport services. This way you can keep your budget under check and enjoy the local transport. Travelling using local transport is an adventure in itself. It is the experience of the day to day life of that region and should not be missed as it is an important part of the culture.

Cleanliness/Hygiene: Make sure the hotel is clean (specially the bathroom/toilet). Ask the hotel manager about the daily cleaning services (linen change, towel change, floor sweeping etc.). It is advisable to have a room with attached bathroom/toilet to reduce the public sharing and decrease the chances of getting ill. Of course no one wants to bring back a disease as a souvenir from a trip. . It is important to get a daily clean supply of laundry. It would be great if the hotel can also offer a laundry service to the guests as it will decreases the amount of clothes you need to pack and in turn reduces the weight you need to carry. Travel light is the motto isn’t it?

Polite staff and flexible reception timings: What else can please one more than to have a fast and polite service from the hotel? Polite staff always ready to serve the guests enthusiastically is a great asset for a hotel. Also check the reception timing of the hotel. Most of the hotels close at night and requests the guests to return before the closing timings. If you are interested in the night life then better check in a hotel with flexible reception timings or arrange a main door key.

Security: It is not advisable to leave passport, cash or other valuable items in one’s room. Always lock the door and keep the key safe. Report any theft to the hotel manager and also to the local police.

Price of the hotel and mode of payment: Price plays a big decisive role in choosing the hotel. Choose a hotel according to your budget and to ensure you get good value of your money discuss about it with your family and friends or read the reviews before booking it. Also check for the mode of payment. Most of the hotels accept credit cards these days, which is the easiest and most comfortable way to pay the bills these days.

Room size and furnishings: Check for the room size and also how it is furnished. Make sure your room does not look like a pigeon hole. A good night sleep can do wonders and for that one needs a good bed. Apart from that check for the cupboards, table, chair etc. Make sure the lamps are working

Noise factor: It is very difficult to relax in a place which is noisy. If there is a Disco bar in the hotel make sure to check its timings and double check that they do not clash with your sleeping time.

Restaurant/Bar facilities : A good hotel always offers good food services. Check for that your hotel has an in house restaurant/bar and note down its opening and closing timings.
Facility for emergency services: Medical emergencies can arise anytime. It would prove to be useful if the hotel has a facility to arrange for such emergencies, for e.g. a doctor or an ambulance.

Family friendly environment and kid’s corner : When travelling with family and specially kids, look for a hotel which has a family friendly environment. Children mostly get bored while staying in a hotel. It would be nice if the hotels can offer a special kids corner where they have games, swings, books, movies and other such activities for children.

Parking : If travelling with your own vehicle makes sure that your hotel offers you an ideal and safe parking place.

Possibility to book excursion trips and tours from the hotel desk: It is very helpful if the hotel you are staying in can help you book your excursion tours of the nearby touristic places with the authentic tour operating agencies. This is an effective way to avoid getting cheated by the roadside thugs.

Distinction between smoking and no smoking zones: It is always a good idea to separate the smoker’s zone from the non-smoking population. Check it with your hotel according to your preferences.

Possibilities of recreational activities : If you looking for a relaxing spa, a good massage, swimming pool or sauna then go for the hotels which offer these luxuries. It is often very difficult to maintain a balance between quality and price. The more desirable a hotel seems the more unaffordable it becomes.

In hotel internet cafe/internet access : Internet has become a necessity in today’s world. Always make sure that your hotel has an internet connection. It can either be in your room or in an in-house internet cafe.


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What to look for in a good hotel
This article is a collection of tips one should keep in mind while booking a hotel.


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