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Kleptomania: Causes, symptoms and remedy.

April 21, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.40   Views: 1102

This article deals with the disorder of Kleptomania. It briefs the reader about Kleptomania, its causes, symptoms and remedies.



Kleptomania is the stealing or shoplifting of small and sometimes unimportant things like toys, pen, pencils, papers etc or any other things that fit one''s purse, wallet, pocket etc. This type of stealing is done not for any want or to meet any monetary crisis but for mental peace. This type of stealing is different from common stealing where costly things are targeted. Stealing in kleptomania is associated with obsession and is done to get relaxation from anxiety. Therefore, it is known as obsessive compulsive disorder. It is also called compulsive theft or stealing. Certain mood disorders and obsessive disorders are very much related with it.

Kleptomania could affect anyone and anytime. Generally, women are found to be affected with this disorder more than men. The ratio in which women found to be affected with this disorder in comparison to men is 4:1. Back in the year 2001, a Hollywood actress was caught for stealing of jewelry from a jewelry shop. Though, later she tried to convince that she was just practicing it as a rehearsal for her upcoming movie but the court rejected her petition. Really, Kleptomania affects ones personality and image to a great extent.

Causes for Kleptomania

If a member of the family suffers from the Kleptomania disorders then there is a very high chance of other people in the family to get affected with it. Researches claim that apart from genetics there are also other reasons for this disorders. This disorder is found among those more who have lost someone very close to his/her life, pressures of regular lives etc. Certain other problems like substance abuse, social phobia etc are the other problems related with it. Sometimes when a patient visits a doctor for treatment he/she is found to be affected with Kleptomania. Besides, there are many people who want to keep this problem or disorder a secret because they fear that people may misunderstand them or call them a thief. As a result they get more affected with the problem in the future. This itself creates a pressure and they cannot avoid doing this unwanted habit of stealing things. They also feel guilty and ashamed about their work. Since they steal simple things therefore people often do not realize them. The problem becomes more complex when they keep the stolen things in someones purse or pocket so that no one notice about them or they are not targeted. The fact is that the things they steal is meaning less to them but the satisfaction they get by doing the procedure gives them back enough mental satisfaction. Therefore, it is very difficult to determine if a person is affected with Kleptomania until and unless he/she is caught red handed. Sometimes, the person who is affected with Kleptomania disorders steals only a particular thing or at a particular place and their may be no reasons behind stealing.

Symptoms of Kleptomania

Symptoms of Kleptomania includes an attractive impulse of stealing. Though the patient affected with this disorder has no liking at all for the things he/she stills and even throws them away later. The patients only enjoy the process of stealing. Psychiatrists considers kleptomania as a disease but legally the offenders are prosecuted by law.

Remedy of Kleptomania

As soon as disorder is detected, a specialist should be consulted. One can get relief from this disorder by undergoing certain therapies under the supervision of specialist Certain things therapies like behavior modifications, cognitive behavior therapy, stress management, relation therapy etc. Through these therapies the patient is made to realize that when he gets the impulse of stealing, he must think about the outcomes like what will happen if he/she gets caught till the impulse of stealing passes away. Moreover, the patient is also asked to hold his/her breath whenever the impulse of stealing comes into play. This should be done until the feeling surpasses and he/she feels the feeling of pain of holding the breadth. The patient is also provided with the right kind of relaxation therapy which helps him/her immensely to fight with the feeling of stealing. Finally, this disorder is very easily to treat and only the patients who are involved with this are made to realized that this activity is not good. Most importance is given to self realization which once the patients understand it becomes that much easier to get treated.

Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 04/27/2012    Points:1    

Self realization and breath therapy is the best treatment for kleptomaniac patients.

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