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How to remove TV addiction - a close look at the harmful effects of television

April 25, 2012  by: deepa  Points: 12   Category: Television  Earning $0.20   Views: 1257

Kids are too addicted to television these days. Is it healthy? What should be done to reduce the time spent before the television? The harmful side effects of watching television are given here along with a few suggestions to remove the TV addiction.


Television is a universal feature. It was not like that many decades ago. Children spend their time outside the house by playing in groups or other activities and small jobs. Physical activities and sports made the children tired, happy and yes, very hungry. There was no need for appetite booster pills or drinks. The adults also were very busy with their work and hardly knew about sensational news happening in the other part of the world. Television changed all that.

Children began to sit in the house and watch TV. If that was not enough, they began to consume the products that were advertised on the television. Eating and watching the television has seen the rise of an obese population. Obesity brought grave diseases like blood pressure and heart disease along with it. Drastic lifestyle changes on the part of parents have reflected on the health of children. So, if children have to be healthy, the parents have to follow a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy natural foods, following an exercise routine, practicing methods like yoga and refraining from junk food will help reduce obesity and overweight.

Television channels like national geography and animal planet do help all people to learn more, but other channels intended for children actually celebrate violence. The portrayal of characters that have extreme kind of super powers is way beyond normal and lures children to behave abnormally. Imitations become a way of life and children do not know where to stop. Real life is hard to come back to, often and it takes the help of professionals to do so. Is it not time we realized the bad effects of television on a whole generation of children and do something to control the situation? Should we not become role models for children by reducing television time and concentrating on our mother nature? A natural and healthy way of living is also good for the health of an individual. Fantastic trips need not be taken to admire nature. One can do it by taking a short walk in the park, beach or countryside. Reading books to children, picnicking, short trips to the museum or fairs, nature walks, cycle rides and visit to the parks are some of the activities that can be done along with kids to take them away from the telly set.

Author: Viju        
Posted Date: 04/26/2012    Points:1    

Nice article and very informative.
Keep up the good work!
Author: deepa        
Posted Date: 04/27/2012        

Thanks Viju, that is very supportive of you.
Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 04/30/2012    Points:7    

Television is the best and wonderful gift of Science. People should be indebted to Science. In radio we hear but in T.V. we not only see things but also hear the sound. So hearing and seeing occur at the same time.

Television has so many disadvantages also. Both young and old have become addicts to television. Most students neglect their studies by watching television. Even elders sit in front of television for long hours even-though all programs are not good. Some programs are so ban and have no cultural value. There are so many television serials which are below average. Most of the serials do not have good stories and good dialogue. Some are with cheap jokes. Some serials are so worst that the whole members of the family cannot sit and watch the television. The television addiction will affect our eyes. Most of the children in Japan wear spectacles. Sometimes to work and sometimes to television will become the motto of the people.
Author: deepa        
Posted Date: 05/01/2012    Points:2    

Right Joina, some programs are too ault to watch with children. I have nearly given up on tv except to watch an occasional news or cartoon to destress myself.

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How to remove TV addiction - a close look at the harmful effects of television
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