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Simple natural tips to beat the heat this summer

April 26, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.50   Views: 1035

This article gives complete and up-to-date information on how to beat the heat this summer through simple natural tips. Important tips to prevent heat strokes, prickly heat, blood shot eyes, sun tan, sweating disorder, body odor, low blood pressure, depression has been dealt aptly and presented in the article for effective benefit in summer.



So, once again summer is here with full swing. We need to make our own plans so that we can manage with this hot conditions properly. You need to be aware of certain dos so that you can protect yourself in these hot months. Once you control and prevent yourself from the side effects of hot conditions then you will be able to protect yourself throughout your life. You need to groom yourself in such a way so that your soothing and cooling effect remains all around you, protecting you throughout the year. We need to maintain ourselves in such a way so that we can remain healthy and fit in any season. This may seem a bit challenging for many of us to start with but once you follow a healthy lifestyle and activities these simple things are very easy to achieve.

Heat stroke

This is a very common problem in the hot summer months. Most of us are affected with it periodically in the hot conditions. In some extreme cases, it can even cause deaths. But we can prevent and protect ourselves from heat strokes . To prevent the external heat from getting inside our body we should apply oil in our body properly. But in summer we should avoid putting mustard oil on our body. It would be advisable to use coconut oil on every alternate days. Moreover, applying coconut oil on body also protects our skin from the direct rays of the sun.

Prickly heat

Prickly heat or miliaria is very common in summer months and we suffer a lot out of this. This often causes irritation and inflammation because of pink or clear bumps all over our body. Therefore, we should apply paste of neem slightly all over your body before taking bath. It will prevent the formation of prickly heat and cure the ones that are on our body. If there is too much of irritation apply chandan paste or rose water over the affected areas of your body. Besides drinking a lot of water keeps your body hydrated and helps in maintaining proper temperature of your body.

Blood shot eyes

When we move out under the sun we may find our eyes red. Though there are many reasons for eyes getting red but it mainly occurs when the blood vessels on the eye gets dry due to the lack of supply of oxygen to the cornea. To get rid of this wash your eyes with the trifola soaked water every morning and evening. We can also use trifola water as eye drops to cool our eyes. Moreover, vitamin A is very good for healthy eyes and try to eat spinach as it is very good for the tissues of the eyes.

Sun tan

Our skin gets tanned when we work or move around the sun. To get relief from this naturally, you need to clean your skin with five spoon of rose water and one spoon of lemon juice. You can apply this on your skin before going to bed. In the morning wash it off. Besides, you can also get rid of sun tan by applying a mixture of turmeric and lemon juice. You can also keep small pieces of potato over the sun tan area. This will tone your skin even better.

Sweating disorder

There are many of us who does not sweat round the year except for the summer. To get rid of this, you need to drink one cup of tomato juice in the morning everyday. Tomatoes are very good anti-oxidants which regulates the sweat glands. You can also eat tomatoes and grapes regularly to get better results because these help your body to cool in summer.

Body odor

Mix salt in a glass of water and apply this mixture in the armpits and other parts of your body. This will reduce excess sweating . It will also get you rid of bad odor of sweat, prickly heat and sweat. It will be much better if you apply this mixture all over your body after taking bath. Alternatively, you can also apply radish juice on your body to get the same result.

Low blood pressure

You blood pressure rises up and down very abruptly during the hot summer months. This sometimes may make you feel sick. To prevent sudden decrease of pressure eat two teas-full of tulsi juice with honey every morning. Besides, take three pieces of almond and soak it in water. Later, peel the cover and make a paste. Mix it with a glass of hot mild and drink it. It will prevent pressure fluctuations.

Depression in summer

Many of us get depressed very easily in summer. We do our daily activities in the hot conditions which has its own affect on our body and mind. This results in depression, anxiety, tastelessness, sleeplessness, loss of appetite etc. Researches have proved that those who eat fruits regularly have the power to deal with these shortcomings. Hence, we should rely more of fresh fruits and green vegetables in these hot months.

What you should not do in summer?

There are certain things that you should not do in summer. In this hot months you should be very careful about your health because different types of diseases spread due to contaminated food and water.

Avoid water and foods from outside

You need to drink a lot of water in summer but you should not drink water from outside. You need to take water along with you when you move out from the house. You need to keep with yourself glucose water since it will avoid excess sweating. Besides, you should not eat those fruits which are cut and sold outside on the sides of the roads. You may drink mango juices which will help you to stay cool and composed. Consume a lot of vegetables and fruits like watermelons, grapes, pomegranate, mango, cucumber, apple etc regularly. Amla is also very beneficial and has good health benefits too.

Things to remember

** Always keep yourself hydrated and make sure to drink at least two liters of water everyday. If possible drop some tulsi leaves in the drinking water as this will give you energy and make you feel fresh.

** Take small amount of food from time to time. Do not take your breakfast, lunch or dinner too heavily at a time.

** Take fresh fruits and green vegetables regularly.

** Avoid carbonated cold drinks because they contain too much of caffeine. To keep yourself cool eat brown rice, salads, cucumber, watermelon etc.

** Do not skip lunch because it may bring you unnecessary troubles like head aches, tastelessness and weakness.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 04/01/2013    Points:2    

A great article Ajay. This article showed as a related article for my article that I wrote on the same topic. However, I didn''t write and cover as many topics as you did. Your article took a comprehensive view of beating the heat. Great piece!
Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 05/14/2013    Points:3    

Right said, juicy fruits like mangoes and watermelons and litchi which are hydrated in themselves, that is contain good amount of water along with containing other essential vitamins and minerals helps in cooling the body temperature and keeping the harsh effects of rising temperature of summer away.

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